And the Cookbook Cover Winner Is…

Two weeks ago, we did something crazy. We let YOU vote and decide which cookbook cover we would end up using. Well, the people have spoken and we have a major announcement. I present to you, the winning cover for our upcoming cookbook….

Which Cookbook Cover Should We Use? Your Vote Counts!

As you probably know by now, we have a cookbook in the works that is set to be released this September. Read more about the whole cookbook writing process here if you want. But, we’ve got a big problem, dear friends. We love both of these book covers for different reasons and simply don’t know …Read More

Publishing a Cookbook: Food Photography (Part Two)

As promised, we are doing our best to keep you in the loop with our upcoming cookbook that is set to be released this fall. So far we have shared about: 1. What our cookbook is all about 2. The First Steps to Publishing a Cookbook 3. Editors and Closing Day 4. Recipe Development 5. Lifestyle Photoshoot After we …Read More

Publishing a Cookbook: Editors and Closing Day

Read this short post to learn more about our cookbook name and contents. Then, make sure you’ve read this post to find out our first steps to getting a publishing deal. As promised, we plan on keeping you in the loop on our journey to publishing our cookbook. Today we are sharing all about the conversations with interested …Read More

Publishing a Cookbook: The VERY Beginning Steps

Read what our cookbook is titled and what it’s all about here or this next post to find out how we actually landed the book deal.  In case you missed it, a few weeks ago we announced that we are going to be publishing our very own cookbook. (I’m still trying to not squeal with excitement every time I …Read More

HUGE NEWS + A $100 Giveaway to Celebrate! (Giveaway Expired)

You can read more about our process of getting a cookbook publishing deal here and here. Thriving Home readers, we love you. We love your encouraging comments, your shared enthusiasm for good food, your appreciation for authenticity, and your loyalty to Thriving Home. We love that some of you have been with us since our …Read More