Dresser Makeover-3

Dinged Up Dresser Finds New Life

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life. I tend to paint things turquoise. I hadn’t really noticed this as a pattern until I finally got around to putting this post together.  When looking through past before and after makeovers to reference, I realized that I have a serious problem of branching out. Regardless of the blue/turquoise …Read More


DIY Burlap Wreath

Oh, hey there pretty burlap wreath on my front door. So glad you could join the fall festivities happening in my home. Also so glad your neutral color and versatility will keep you hanging on my door all year long. All I have to do is trade out your little decorative pieces and BAM, I …Read More

cheap wall collage ideas

Wall Collage on a Dime

I’ve been eyeing out wall collage ideas for quite some time now. We have a big wall in our living room what would be perfect for one that was previously being occupied by this: While I like the color that it brought into the room, the Hobby Lobby picture that I got for 60% off …Read More

before and after mirror

Mirror Makeover(s)

This mirror and I have a history. In more ways than one. This HUGE antique mirror hung in my grandma’s living room for a LONG time. We are talking 50+ years. When my grandparents passed away, I was happy to inherit it. Not only did it fill a big space on a wall but it …Read More

level it

Life Hack: How to Hang Perfectly Level Decor on Walls

Since all of our big projects are pretty much done in our new house, I’ve gotten to work on some decorating. I wish SO MUCH that I had known about this little life hack on hanging pictures a long time ago. It would have saved me from much frustration, time and unnecessary holes in my …Read More

how much

Budget Breakdown of the Kitchen Flip

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we have done some major work on our kitchen. As I’ve been talking to friends about it, some have bravely asked how much we spent. Something in me gets a little squirmy when I start sharing numbers. Not sure why because I’m always itching to know how much other …Read More

priming oak

Painting Oak Cabinets

One of the biggest changes you can make in your kitchen that will give you bang for your buck is updating oak cabinets. It’s a lot of work but totally worth it. As you can see in the before pictures of our new home, there was a whole lot of oak going on. From tutorials …Read More


My Mediocre Bed Frame Makeover

Before I jump in, I want to acknowledge that you might be a little thrown off by this title. Yes, I’m calling it a mediocre makeover. It’s tempting to not post about things that didn’t turn out GREAT but I don’t want to filter all of my projects and make you all think I flawlessly …Read More


Mirror Makeover

   I inherited this HUGE mirror from my grandparents about a year ago. It’s been hanging above my couch for quite a while and has been begging for a fresh coat of paint for a long time. The original frame was kind of a golden, brass color. While it does communicate the fact that it’s …Read More

thankful tree

The Thankful Tree: A Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that I think is worth it: The Thankful Tree. In the rush of preparing a meal, socializing, and entertaining (or restraining?) a house full of little kids, it gave our extended family (ages 2-60) just a moment to reflect on why we had gathered. It focused our thoughts, even if for a …Read More

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.40.37 PM

Spray Paint: I Love You

I have a thing for spray paint. Particularly cherry red. Below is evidence that nothing is safe in my presence if I have a stock of spray paint in my garage. Antique Elephant Project Happy Bucket Antique Children’s Chair Mailbox Makeover Fun Little Box Makeover: I didn’t write a post about this one but I …Read More


Repurposed Cabinet Door Idea

Since my house is on the market, I’ve been looking for thrifty ways to simplify and organize all of our stuff. One major area that needed some TLC was the top of our fridge. It had become a dumping ground for all miscellaneous food, drinks, canned goods, and more. Not the most appealing-to-the eye area …Read More


Jaw-Dropping, DIY Nursery Decor

My dear sister is due to have their first baby ANY day now. Poor gal has been instructed to say at home and simply wait. Talk about a long couple of days! She’s had a great attitude through her entire pregnancy and has been a great example to me about not complaining about her circumstances …Read More

craft idea for toddlers

Easy Craft Idea for Toddlers

  Looking for a cheap and easy craft idea to do with the kiddos? Here is one that even a non-crafty person can easily do. Simply use painters tape to create a shape or word and then let your kiddo go to town with painting all over it. The messier the better! On this particular …Read More

pallet after

Wood Pallet Makeover

When I saw this wood pallet makeover that my friend Jessi (and her husband) did I immediately asked her to share how she did it with us. Check it out! I asked Jessi to share how they did this transformation. Take it away, Jessi! Ever since my church used pallets for a stage design in …Read More


Fourth of July Craft Ideas

It’s June! It’s summer! I’m already seeing some Fourth of July crafts floating around the blogland so I thought I’d throw a few of mine in the mix. Pin it if you like it! Here is a Fourth of July Onesie I made this little festive outfit for my daughter last year. It only takes …Read More


My Five Minute Spray Paint Project

Yes, I have a newborn and toddler. And yes, I somehow found time to do this little spray paint project. The thing is, I love to create. I love to see the potential in ordinary junk and redeem its value. So why the heck I am doing crafty projects in the midst of the fog …Read More

door decor

Thrifty Decorating Idea: Hangers + Yarn = Personalized Decor

Ready or not, Tyler William will be here no later than April 30th! Because of a previous c-section, my doc doesn’t want me to go too far overdue so in case I don’t go into labor on my own, our little man will be joining us April 30th. Wahoo! However, I really don’t want  another …Read More