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Our Hand-Picked 2013 Gift Guide for Children: Toys, Books, and Music

As we said last year and probably will every year…the last thing we want to do is to make Christmas about the stuff. We value and celebrate Christmas because it reminds us of the greatest gift humanity has been given: Jesus. Hopefully the joy that comes from giving and receiving gifts on Christmas will ultimately …Read More

Alphabet Train: Toddler Learning Activity

I’m always looking for creative learning games that my toddler will engage in. Here is a fun one that helps toddlers with letter recognition that we have been doing as of late. I saw it on Toddler Approved and thought I’d give it a shot. Alphabet Train Letter Game Using my circle punch that I …Read More

Game Night: Make Your Own “Apples to Apples”

It’s no secret. I LOVE games. Especially ones that make a group laugh and make memories together, like the Rate Your Mate Game or The Question Game. Today, I’ve got another DIY oldie but goodie that my family has played time and again. Remember that popular board game Apples to Apples? Well, my sister came …Read More

The Thankful Tree: A Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that I think is worth it: The Thankful Tree. In the rush of preparing a meal, socializing, and entertaining (or restraining?) a house full of little kids, it gave our extended family (ages 2-60) just a moment to reflect on why we had gathered. It focused our thoughts, even if for a …Read More

Family Devotional Cootie Catcher

Easy Family Devotional Activity: Make a “Verse Catcher”

You know you have a great babysitter when you come home and she’s playing “Psalm Catcher” with the kids. Remember those paper thingy-ma-bobbers that we made in grade school called “Cootie Catchers”? It’s the same concept, except our sitter had listed Psalms to look up on the inside. The kids loved it! So, I got …Read More

Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe (+ FREE Printable Recipe Card)

A printable recipe for playdough is available at the bottom of this post! I have such fond memories of making playdough with my mom and siblings. We’d watch in anticipation as my mom stirred up the mixture with our chosen colors. After it was done we would take turns tossing it around like a hot …Read More

Easy Halloween Party Games

3 Easy Halloween Game Ideas: Perfect for School Parties!

Reposted from October 2012 I love thinking of and running games for kids…really people of any age. So, when I saw Katie’s awesome post at Kitchen Stewardship about Easy School Halloween Party Ideas, I put my own thinking cap on. Over the years I’ve worked with kids in various settings–camp counselor, babysitter, teacher, children’s ministry …Read More

craft idea for toddlers

Easy Craft Idea for Toddlers

  Looking for a cheap and easy craft idea to do with the kiddos? Here is one that even a non-crafty person can easily do. Simply use painters tape to create a shape or word and then let your kiddo go to town with painting all over it. The messier the better! On this particular …Read More

Simple Toddler Activity

Simple Toddler Activity

Am I the only mom whose kid seems to instantly need my attention when I’m in the midst of making dinner? Or who suddenly thinks they are starving and won’t make it for the 20 minutes that dinner has left to cook? I hope not. Often times I’m looking for some type of activity to …Read More

Parenting Inspiration for Real Life

Recognize this picture? Well, I know most of you probably don’t recognize my family, per se, but recognize what’s going on here? This was taken several years ago, but I love it because it shows us as a REAL family. Toddler tantrum, tired baby, and me with my stay-at-home mom clothes, disheveled hair and “I’m …Read More

How to Make a Chore Chart

How to Make a Chore Chart (a.k.a. Swift Kick in the Pants Chart)

You’re probably not like me. You probably don’t sweep your kitchen mostly just when you notice the ants beneath the kids’ stools nibbling on crumbs. You probably don’t check off everything else on your to do list but “swish the toilets”. And, I’m sure you don’t make a discrete pile of clean laundry on the …Read More

Simple Toddler Activities

Simple Toddler Activities

Keeping a toddler busy is hard work. While I really do believe it is ok to let kids be bored sometimes, I’ve found that our home is happier and simply more stable when my two year old is occupied. It takes some planning and work to have creative outlets for your little one but I think …Read More

Unexpected and Cheap Toys That Have Stood the Test of Time

Unexpected and Cheap Toys That Have Stood the Test of Time

When I’m at a friend’s house, I often like to know what toys their kids have enjoyed for the longest.  It’s almost without fail that the simplest ones are the favorites. The big, expensive ones with lights and sounds get old (or break) quickly. The same is true around here. We get most of our …Read More

“On Purpose” from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

“On Purpose” from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

Not only is Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones something kids of a wide age range can enjoy, but it’s something that stirs my own heart every time I read it. In fact, I’ve been reading one each morning before most of the kids are up. It’s a quick and beautiful reminder …Read More

10 Easter Gift Ideas

10 Easter Gifts That Will Last Longer Than a Chocolate Bunny

My kids will get a chocolate bunny this Easter. They’ll cheer. And they’ll eat it in no time. And they’ll look really cute with a chocolate ring around their mouths in their Easter clothes. But, we will also get our kids one gift for their Easter basket that we hope makes a lasting spiritual impact …Read More

Olliblocks: A Mom’s Review

Olliblocks: A Mom’s Review

While we for sure have our share of toys that light up, play music, and even dance around, I’m always on the hunt for toys that encourage creativity and thinking. Since creative toys are sometimes hard to find, I was excited when I stumbled onto Olliblocks on Pinterest.  After poking around the Caravan Digital Download Shoppe …Read More