DIY Yarn Spider Garland

DIY Yarn Spider Garland: Easy Halloween Decor

by Kelly Gilion, Contributing Author Hi Ya’ll! Kelly from Plume here doing a little blog bomb! Rachel and I have been friends for years, since before she was a blogger and I was a shop owner. And now we live on the same street and our kiddos play almost every day. You can hear a little bit …Read More

How to Make a Fleece Knot Blanket

Knot blankets are not a new thing. However, making my own now is! I have seen these cozy, fleecy, want-to-curl-up-with blankets around pretty much all my life. I had never looked at them closely until a friend of mine told me she was making some for her boys for Christmas. I totally ripped off her …Read More

Monster Pillow Tutorial

Once upon a time I had time to sew and made cute things like this. This easy to sew monster pillow makes for a great gift to almost any age of kid. Fill it with goodies and share the monster love with a kiddo that you want to make smile. This little guy could also …Read More

Paper Plate Pumpkin

We are in day two of a week long series of Halloween crafts. Yesterday we made a Candy Corn Craft (with a free printable). Today we are making Paper Plate Pumpkins! This is a simple and easy Halloween craft that your preschooler will love. It involves painting, cutting, gluing and glitter. Potentially a little messy …Read More

How to Refinish an Old Lamp

How to Refurbish an Old Lamp

It’s high time I introduce you to my dad. Although a former U.S. Marshal, I’ve always known him to be an artist and innovator at heart. From photographer to writer to architect/builder of our childhood playhouse, my dad is the most creative (and perfectionist) person I’ve ever met. He seriously can do anything he puts …Read More

EASY Valentine Craft Idea for Toddlers and Kids

I’ve got a pretty simple Valentine’s Day craft idea for you today. My two-year easily did this with enthusiasm (for about 5 minutes) but it was enough to get it done! It takes very little prep and very little skill. Ready to get crafty? (Or at least LOOK like you’re really crafty!?) Materials Needed: Contact …Read More

The Thankful Tree: A Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that I think is worth it: The Thankful Tree. In the rush of preparing a meal, socializing, and entertaining (or restraining?) a house full of little kids, it gave our extended family (ages 2-60) just a moment to reflect on why we had gathered. It focused our thoughts, even if for a …Read More

Turn Old T-Shirts into Reusable Grocery Bags!

Turn Old T-Shirts into Reusable Grocery Bags!

  Got a stash of old t-shirts hanging around? Put them to good use by turning them into grocery bags! In the past few years my family has attempted to take small steps towards being a little more kind to the environment. We try to use reusable snack bags,  cloth diaper our little one, use wash cloths instead …Read More

How to Freeze Green Onions/Scallions

    So, this is one of those posts that many of you will chuckle at and think, “You didn’t know that?” I am here to tell you that, no, I did not know that you could freeze and save green onions for later use. So for those of you out there, like me, this …Read More

Fourth of July Craft Ideas

It’s June! It’s summer! I’m already seeing some Fourth of July crafts floating around the blogland so I thought I’d throw a few of mine in the mix. Pin it if you like it! Here is a Fourth of July Onesie I made this little festive outfit for my daughter last year. It only takes …Read More

4 Ways to Go Green for the Glory of God

4 Easy Ways to Go Green for the Glory of God

It’s a day after Earth Day and I have a confession to make. I think Earth Day should have less to do with whether or not Global Warming exists and more to do with what God instructs humanity to do with what He’s given us. The Bible teaches that we are called to care for …Read More

Stools with So Much Potential!

  Most people would look at these stools and think, “Gross.” Since they came from my grandparent’s house I wasn’t too grossed out by them but they were in serious need of a makeover. The funny thing is, once you’ve reupholstered a few things you start to look at pieces like these differently. Stools are …Read More

DIY Valentine Garland

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. The only time of the year that men will tolerate their homes to be decorated in pinks, reds, and hearts. Due to our lack of storage space, I keep the holiday decorating to a minium. However, I was feeling the itch to make a little Valentine’s decoration for our mantle. Here’s …Read More

How to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD’s

How to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD’s

Now that Christmas is over, I can share about one of the gifts that I got my parents. Last time I was at their house, I snuck all of their VHS tapes out of the basement. I then began the process of transferring them to DVDs. Weeks later I had a stack of DVDs wrapped …Read More

Dyeing Baby Clothes: The Do’s and Don’ts

Since we only have one girl, the majority of our stuff is pink. Lots of pink. Tubs of pink. While we are thrilled to have a baby boy on the way, I realized that unless I want to dress him in pink and flowers (which I realize wouldn’t kill him, but not my particular style) …Read More

How to Peel a Pomegranate

How to Peel a Pomegranate

Did you know that pomegranates are one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health? This anceint fruit is crazy good for you. Health Benefits of the Pomegranate They are the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits They have potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects Pomegranates inhibit abnormal platelet aggregation that could …Read More

Last Minute Trick or Treat Bag

Ready for Halloween? If you plan to trick or treat like we do (or as much as you can with a 17 month old) you’ll need a bag of some sort. This may seem obvious but it didn’t occur to me until yesterday. I figured it’d be pretty easy to make a simple bag that …Read More