Guest Post

These are the Best Days

The following post is from a college friend of mine, Justin Ricklefs. His warm and authentic reflections on family, marriage and relationships have captured the heart and attention of many readers. Reclaiming the meaning of what matters most is what motivates his writing and it is evident in everything he shares. We are honored to have him …Read More

When Grace is So Good That It Hurts

The following post is written by my dear friend, Sara. Despite being 9 months pregnant with her 3rd she is still full of spunk, fun, humor and wit. When she shared this post on her blog, Moves Like Jaeger, I couldn’t believe how well she articulated how I currently feel in my parenting journey. Hope …Read More

Dear World: Meet Hammer & Moxie

Hey People. Polly here to give a quick intro to this post. Yes, this is a guest post but hang with me. Don’t click away. Just don’t. I have personal, invested interest in you checking out these guest posters because, well, they are my family! Well, one originally is anyway — the other wiggled his …Read More

How to Refinish an Old Lamp

How to Refurbish an Old Lamp

It’s high time I introduce you to my dad. Although a former U.S. Marshal, I’ve always known him to be an artist and innovator at heart. From photographer to writer to architect/builder of our childhood playhouse, my dad is the most creative (and perfectionist) person I’ve ever met. He seriously can do anything he puts …Read More

Take Them A Meal: A Free Site to Coordinate Meals

Guest post by Maureen Witmer from There’s nothing like a hot, home-cooked meal after a long day.  And in my experience as a busy mom of two small children, it’s even more enjoyable when it’s cooked by someone else!  Last month, we experienced that yet again.  At the end of a tough day, a …Read More

An Open Letter from a Doula About Her Miscarriage

Guest post by Holli Best Four years ago this month our family of three experienced a miscarriage. It was my second pregnancy, and we learned we were pregnant around New Years. My confidence was already a bit shaky because I never got a really good pregnancy test. The second pink line was really light and …Read More

3 Family Favorite Make-Ahead Meals: A Guest Post

Jane from Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms is sharing some of her favorite recipes with us today. Pop on over to her blog to check out these delicious looking dinner ideas and more. I’d like to thank Polly and Rachel for inviting me to do a guest post on their blog!  It’s always nice …Read More

I Know Your Big Secret (Guest Post by Rachel’s Husband)

Guest post by Nathan, Rachel’s husband. He’s also written for us here. I know your big secret. I know something about you that I’m guessing you spend a lot of time and energy trying to hide. You might even try to hide this truth from yourself. A few examples may help explain. Steve Jobs was …Read More

How is My Exercising (or Lack-There-Of) a Spiritual Issue?

Guest post by Michele Mayer I used to be a runner. Not a marathoner, or even a half-marathon runner. Okay, not even a racer. I once ran a 5K and while I could easily finish the three-plus miles, I can’t even tell you the number of elderly people and young children who passed me up …Read More

Sharing Your Imperfect Home is Caring

I love today’s syndicated post by our friend, Gloria Furman of Domestic Kingdom, because, to be honest, I struggle with this very issue. Between worries about my dinged up walls, old nasty carpet, small house, and that my kids will be punks during dinner, I’m just not as hospitable as I could/should be. I’m clearly …Read More

Wood Pallet Makeover

When I saw this wood pallet makeover that my friend Jessi (and her husband) did I immediately asked her to share how she did it with us. Check it out! I asked Jessi to share how they did this transformation. Take it away, Jessi! Ever since my church used pallets for a stage design in …Read More

Lessons Learned Through Our Adoption Process

My name is Liz. I’m the wife to Jon, the mommy to Charlotte (5), Riley (3), and the soon-to be the mommy to Juliet (5 months). We moved to Seattle about 5 months ago and are adjusting to our new life in the Northwest. We’ve been in process for three years now and have just …Read More

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

This post comes from my good friend, Sara. After reading it on her blog, Sara J. Writes, I immediately texted her and asked if I could share it. I hope you find Sara’s honesty and humor as refreshing as I do.  Growing Pains When I was little I would get these terrible pains in my …Read More

Meet Heather: Mother and Mesothelioma Survivor

Meet Heather: Mother and Mesothelioma Survivor

Heather Von St. James, a mother and survivor of a deadly cancer called mesothelioma, contacted us a few months ago with her story. She’s passionate about raising awareness about this 100% preventable disease and giving those affected by it hope. Here’s a bit of her story and where she found her inspiration to live. “For …Read More

My Story: Marathons and MS

My Story: Marathons and MS

Guest post by Beth Lewis Things doctors told me before I was actually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis: “Stress.” “Possibly an ocular migraine? There’s nothing wrong with your eye.” “Stress.” “You’re a marathon runner, Beth! Of course you’re tired!” “Stress.” “You probably just banged a nerve.” Before my dad and I were in the neurologist’s office …Read More

Advice From a Realtor: Seven Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

Advice From a Realtor: Seven Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

We’re excited to have our friend and experienced realtor, Kim Schwartz, guest posting for us today. Kim has proven to be a valuable resource to myself, Rachel, and lots of our friends in not only finding or selling a home but also in home maintenance, updating, and advice. She is passionate about her work and  excellent at …Read More

The Story of Kaitlyn: From Health-Conscious Childhood to College

The Story of Kaitlyn: From Health-Conscious Childhood to College

I’ve often wondered if by cooking and teaching my kids about “real” food—non-processed, whole food that is as close to it’s original form as possible—is a futile battle in my kids’ lives. Won’t they eventually be won over by the combined multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns of fast food and junk food companies? Won’t they give …Read More

8 Beauty Tips for the New Year

Intentional Beauty 2013: 8 Tips for the New Year {Guest Post}

Guest post by Jessica from Mayvn The word ‘resolution’ gets tossed around like a hot-cake this time of year. Even though I love a challenge and a goal, I also want to be set up for success. Healthy reminders and practical intentions are the phrases I like to use. Jessica from Mayvn here (Note: you …Read More

crock pot cran-apple sauce recipe

Crock Pot Cran-Apple Sauce Recipe {Guest Post}

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah and I blog at The Pajama Chef. I am so excited to be guest posting today at Thriving Home. When Rachel contacted me to ask if I would share my Crock Pot Cran-Apple Sauce, I was thrilled! And surprised–because I had kind of forgotten about the recipe, since I first shared …Read More

10 Holiday Books to Read with Your Kids

10 Fantastic Holiday Books to Read to Your Kids

Guest post by Rachel Johnson from Somebody Come and Play Reading with children, especially with my daughter, is one of my ultimate favorites in life. There is nothing quite like connecting with a child over a great piece of literature. Watching their eyes light up as their eager hands turn the pages and hearing their …Read More