Mantel Makeover 2.0

  If you didn’t figure it out from the picture, we recently updated our fireplace and mantle. I could not be happier with how it turned out. I had no idea how much this update would change the look and feel of our entire room. And yes, you guessed it, that is shiplap behind the …Read More

A carbon monoxide scare that hit a little too close to home.

A Carbon Monoxide Scare that Hit Close to Home

A Rude Awakening It was Friday morning around 6am that my sister and her husband woke up to a strange alarm going off in their home. Both were a little foggy and disoriented by the early-morning wakeup call coming from their basement but realized that the situation needed to be dealt with. They pried themselves out …Read More

An Easy Way to Update a Sliding Door Blind

Here is an easy update I made on our home that has made a HUGE difference. In the big downstairs room, we have sliding doors that walk out to our back yard. While I love this about our home I did NOT love the plastic panel blinds that dated the room. These panels wouldn’t have …Read More

How to Refinish an Old Lamp

How to Refurbish an Old Lamp

It’s high time I introduce you to my dad. Although a former U.S. Marshal, I’ve always known him to be an artist and innovator at heart. From photographer to writer to architect/builder of our childhood playhouse, my dad is the most creative (and perfectionist) person I’ve ever met. He seriously can do anything he puts …Read More

Five Ways to Make Your House Less Desirable to Thieves

Guest posting for us today is my good friend, Ashley. As you will read in her post, she has learned some tough life lessons that she wanted to pass on. As a small town (and slightly naive) girl myself, I have found this information to be super helpful! A few months ago, my home was …Read More

Life Hack: How to Hang Perfectly Level Decor on Walls

Since all of our big projects are pretty much done in our new house, I’ve gotten to work on some decorating. I wish SO MUCH that I had known about this little life hack on hanging pictures a long time ago. It would have saved me from much frustration, time and unnecessary holes in my …Read More

Budget Breakdown of the Kitchen Flip

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we have done some major work on our kitchen. As I’ve been talking to friends about it, some have bravely asked how much we spent. Something in me gets a little squirmy when I start sharing numbers. Not sure why because I’m always itching to know how much other …Read More

Before and Afters of my New Home

I love taking before and after shots. As we’ve been plowing through the house projects at our new home, I’ve managed to keep my camera handy and snap some shots of the progress. Here is a rundown of some of the things we’ve been up to! Entry Way: Put in hardwood floors, updated light fixture …Read More

Painting Oak Cabinets

One of the biggest changes you can make in your kitchen that will give you bang for your buck is updating oak cabinets. It’s a lot of work but totally worth it. As you can see in the before pictures of our new home, there was a whole lot of oak going on. From tutorials …Read More

Life is Getting CRAAAAAZY

Life is Getting CRAAAAAZY

A few weeks back I announced that we were selling our house and buying a new one. Friends, God has been so gracious to us through this whole process. I can’t believe how smoothly it has gone. Seriously. The sellers of the house that we wanted took our FIRST offer. The inspection of the house …Read More

Where Has Polly Been?

Where Has Polly Been?

Because I schedule my posts a few days or even weeks ahead of time, you probably haven’t noticed that I haven’t been around the blog for the past week or so. Why is this, you may ask? Let me send you on a little photo guessing game and see if you can figure out what …Read More

Pumpkin Coffee Facial Mask

Pumpkin Coffee Facial Mask: An At-Home Fall Spa Experience!

By Jessica Ellingsworth from Mavyn, Contributing Author Autumn is definitely in the air (even here in sunny Texas, thank goodness!), and I am here to take seasonal foods to a whole new level by incorporating them into the skincare routine. Jessica here, and I was recently perusing a high-end spa menu here in Austin and …Read More

Jaw-Dropping, DIY Nursery Decor

My dear sister is due to have their first baby ANY day now. Poor gal has been instructed to say at home and simply wait. Talk about a long couple of days! She’s had a great attitude through her entire pregnancy and has been a great example to me about not complaining about her circumstances …Read More

Wood Pallet Makeover

When I saw this wood pallet makeover that my friend Jessi (and her husband) did I immediately asked her to share how she did it with us. Check it out! I asked Jessi to share how they did this transformation. Take it away, Jessi! Ever since my church used pallets for a stage design in …Read More

Free Printable: Weekly Menu Planner

Free Printable: Weekly Menu Planner

Here it is. Thriving Home’s very first original printable: A Weekly Meal Planner! It’s fitting that our first printable would be a weekly meal planner since it’s pretty obvious we love menu planning for the week around here. For a few years now I have found that meal planning helps us not only eat healthier …Read More

It Works! How to Remove a Broken Lightbulb with a Potato

It Works! How to Remove a Broken Lightbulb with a Potato

We are all about using natural, whole foods around here at Thriving Home. Even when it comes to home maintenance. OK, not really. But this was the case with a broken lightbulb that we couldn’t remove from our ceiling fan.  A few weeks ago, my husband used a bit too much man-force and broke the bulb …Read More

How to Transplant (or Plant) Blueberries

How to Transplant (or Plant) Blueberries

This spring, I received a very special gift from my parents who were moving–FIVE BLUEBERRY BUSHES from their backyard! These bushes are about three years old, so they are already producing quite a few blueberries each year but still have some growing to do. After doing some major research about how to transplant blueberries, my …Read More

Advice from a Realtor: The Do’s and Dont’s When Showing Your Home

Advice from a Realtor: The Do’s and Dont’s When Showing Your Home

We’re excited to have our friend and experienced realtor, Kim Schwartz, guest posting for us today. Kim has proven to be a valuable resource to myself, Rachel, and lots of our friends in not only finding or selling a home but also in home maintenance, updating, and advice. She is passionate about her work and  excellent at what …Read More

Unexpected and Cheap Toys That Have Stood the Test of Time

Unexpected and Cheap Toys That Have Stood the Test of Time

When I’m at a friend’s house, I often like to know what toys their kids have enjoyed for the longest.  It’s almost without fail that the simplest ones are the favorites. The big, expensive ones with lights and sounds get old (or break) quickly. The same is true around here. We get most of our …Read More