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8 things I never buy

8 Things I Never Buy

I was talking to a friend the other day about tote bags. I know, I lead an exciting life. I need a new one but am having a hard time forking up the money to buy good one. Reason is, I see TONS at garage sales and know I can get one for 1/4 of …Read More


Can “50 Shades of Grey” Enhance Your Sex Life?

Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary for Thriving Home, we know. But with the opening of the movie 50 Shades of Grey this weekend, we wanted to share this thought-provoking and candid post by our friend Kelley. She co-leads the 20 Somethings Ministry at our church with her husband, has been married …Read More

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Video Bloopers: Why Shred Your Own Cheese?

In case you missed it, yesterday I shared Three reasons why you should shred cheese at home. If you read it, you know that in the post I share a little video of how to shred cheese using a food processor. Here it is as a refresher…   Well, what you didn’t see in yesterday’s …Read More


Confessions: My Daughter Head-Butted Me in Public

This post offers no great parenting advice. It offers no book recommendations. It offers no gospel-centered lesson on parenting. No, this post is simply going out to those who have a youngster who is pushing all the right buttons and whose mama just needs to know they aren’t alone. Yesterday I planned a special outing …Read More


Pedometer Challenge Part 3: Kick It Up A Notch!

Updated and reposted from January 2013 Check out Part 1 of the Pedometer Challenge Series to find out how to join in and Part 2 to get motivated to move more. Most of us (not all) could stand to move our bodies more. Yes? I’ve been making the case the past week that wearing a …Read More

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Pedometer Challenge (Part 1): Step It Up in 2015!

Updated and reposted from 2013 Need a little motivation to either start exercising or to “kick up” your current routine? I may have a fun, easy, and cheap solution for you. In fact, my friend, Candace, kick-started a major transformation because of what I like to call The Pedometer Challenge. You must read her story …Read More

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Confessions: My Family Has a Thing for Costumes

Once upon a time, I might have been the Easter Bunny mascot at our Country Club Easter Egg Hunt. True story. Sorry, no pictures of that but you can let your imagination run wild. This was just the beginning of many costumed roles that either myself or my family has taken on. Most recently was …Read More

favorite things giveaway

Favorite Things Stocking Giveaway + Blog Hop! ($520+ Value!)

WE ARE PUMPED. Behold, you are experiencing our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY OF THE YEAR. Actually EVER on Thriving Home. We have put together a collection of our favorites and are giddy with excitement to pass all of these on to one super-duper-extremely-lucky reader. Wait. It gets better. And so do your chances of winning. Twelve other …Read More

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Profound Pups

One my dogs’ great joys in life is riding in the car with me. When I tell them we are going for a car ride, they scamper as fast as they can to the garage door and eagerly load up once the car door is opened. Last week my sister and I had planned to …Read More

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10 Things I Would Like from MightyNest

Welp, I’ve got a good start on my Christmas list! I’ve been eying out the site, MightyNest for days. The more I look at it, the longer my wishlist gets. (Dang it!) Similar to Rachel’s story, these parents were alarmed by what research revealed about the everyday products that we use. As a result, they …Read More

verse cards for moms

UPDATE: Verse Cards are 20% Off through December 24!

Looking for a meaningful but frugal gift for friends or a mom in your life? Goods news! We’re running a Christmas discount on a mom favorite–our printable On the Job Meditations for Moms: 25 Encouraging Verse Cards! We are offering a 20% discount on each verse card pack (regularly priced $4.99) through December 24. That …Read More

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I Heart Operation Christmas Child

Before I jump in, I wanted to remind you of our $100 Target gift card giveaway going on. Make sure you enter by commenting on this post of my review of up & up diapers and wipes! One of my favorite posts I’ve shared about on Thriving Home was about creating Helping the Homeless bags. …Read More


Apple Butter Weekend 2014

“It’s Apple butter Weekend.” Anyone who has known me for a while knows what I mean by this. For over 80 years my family has been gathering in October to make homemade apple butter. LOTS of homemade apple butter. Like 42 gallons of homemade apple butter. It is quite the endeavor to do this and …Read More

golden gate bridge

The “Unforgettables” of My San Francisco Trip

Hey guess what? I just got back from a killer weekend in San Francisco with my husband. Kid free, ya’ll! I love my goobers but am not afraid to gloat about some adult time in an awesome city. There are three reasons we ended up on this trip: To celebrate our five year anniversary To …Read More

halloween craft idea for preschoolers

Candy Corn Halloween Craft

For some reason I’ve been really excited about Halloween. It is a super fun holiday for kids (if you take the focus off the spooky stuff) and there are lots of great crafts little ones can do to celebrate. In light of my unexplainable excitement for Halloween, I’m kicking off a series of Halloween crafts …Read More

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Confessions: Ultrasonic Scalers, Dog Bowls and Fruit Flies

I had to convince myself to not cry at the dentist. Got my teeth cleaned a few days ago. I’m pretty good about going to the dentist regularly. This even surprises me because there is one part of the cleaning that I DREAD. When they bust out the “ultrasonic scaler” I shrivel back into my …Read More