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I Heart Operation Christmas Child

Before I jump in, I wanted to remind you of our $100 Target gift card giveaway going on. Make sure you enter by commenting on this post of my review of up & up diapers and wipes! One of my favorite posts I’ve shared about on Thriving Home was about creating Helping the Homeless bags. …Read More


Apple Butter Weekend 2014

“It’s Apple butter Weekend.” Anyone who has known me for a while knows what I mean by this. For over 80 years my family has been gathering in October to make homemade apple butter. LOTS of homemade apple butter. Like 42 gallons of homemade apple butter. It is quite the endeavor to do this and …Read More

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The “Unforgettables” of My San Francisco Trip

Hey guess what? I just got back from a killer weekend in San Francisco with my husband. Kid free, ya’ll! I love my goobers but am not afraid to gloat about some adult time in an awesome city. There are three reasons we ended up on this trip: To celebrate our five year anniversary To …Read More

halloween craft idea for preschoolers

Candy Corn Halloween Craft

For some reason I’ve been really excited about Halloween. It is a super fun holiday for kids (if you take the focus off the spooky stuff) and there are lots of great crafts little ones can do to celebrate. In light of my unexplainable excitement for Halloween, I’m kicking off a series of Halloween crafts …Read More

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Confessions: Ultrasonic Scalers, Dog Bowls and Fruit Flies

I had to convince myself to not cry at the dentist. Got my teeth cleaned a few days ago. I’m pretty good about going to the dentist regularly. This even surprises me because there is one part of the cleaning that I DREAD. When they bust out the “ultrasonic scaler” I shrivel back into my …Read More


Confessions: Tomatoes, Little Dogs and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Sometimes I get into blog mode and feel like I can only write about helpful things–things that someone will want to pin or share. Recipes, crafts, book reviews and kid ideas are all great. And, probably no one but our friends and family would know about Thriving Home if we didn’t have those. But I …Read More

how did it start?

Behind the Blog: How did Thriving Home start?

We commonly get questions from our readers and friends about what happens behind the scenes at Thriving Home. How did it start? How do you have time to do it? How do you make money? What do your husbands think? And so on… It would take a monster post to answer all of these questions, …Read More

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Family Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

A few weeks ago my mom, sister and I put together a shower gift idea for our new sister in-law. We put together a basket of all of our favorite kitchen gadgets for her. It was so fun to do and hopefully a thoughtful way to welcome her into our family. As promised in my …Read More

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gift from group for bridal shower

Group Gift Idea for a Bridal Shower

Guess what? My brother is getting married! (By the time this post goes live, he will likely already be married). We are super excited to have a new sister in-law. Check out their killer engagement photo. Could that be any more perfect?? I wanted to share about a thoughtful gift idea from a group that …Read More

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The One Where I Admit I Can’t Do It All

I’ve been struggling with headaches for two years now–ever since I was done nursing my my last child. They seem to have gotten more frequent–about once a week I end up in bed. I’ve linked them to lack of sleep, sitting at my computer/behind the wheel, lifting kids, and stress in general, at various times. …Read More

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Guest post and photography by my daddy, Curt. He also shared this post a while back. Every summer a strange phenomenon takes place in many American garages:  Hummingbirds fly in, but they don’t fly out.  They will stay in there, with the door wide open, until they keel over dead.  Weird, right?  Here’s why it …Read More

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how to save fresh zucchini

How to Freeze and Save Garden Zucchini

I have NEVER had such a great zucchini harvest. It seems like every time I go down to my garden, there are huge zucchinis waiting for me. I have zucchinis in all shapes and sizes and hardly know what to do with them. Here is a snapshot from Thriving Home’s Instagram of me and this …Read More

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book review of women of the word

Women of the Word: A Book Review

I’m a pastor’s wife who struggles to read my Bible. It’s hard for me admit that but it’s true. Like many disciplines in the Christian life, my interest and passion for the Word has waxed and waned but overall, it’s always been an area that has felt more like a discipline than a joy. It …Read More

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Safe Sunscreen

A Safe, Cheap, and Effective Sunscreen for the Whole Family

Updated from May 2013. I thought this post might be helpful again for those moms out there like me who want a safe, effective, and cheap sunscreen… Every year I find myself doing new research on the best and most affordable sunscreen that will keep my family protected this summer. The good news is that …Read More


Can Women (and Men) Have It All?

Guest post by my husband, Nathan. In many respects, Indra K. Nooyi is an enormously successful woman. The 58 year-old CEO of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business on the planet, often ranks highly on the list of the world’s most powerful women and top executives in general. She reportedly earned a salary …Read More

fourth of july shirt

Hand Print Fourth of July Shirts

I love hand print crafts. Love them. They give you a tangible snapshot of time when your little one’s hands where THAT small and remind you of how quickly they grow. In light of my intense love of anything involving hand prints,  I rounded up a few moms to to make a holiday craft. We …Read More

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