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Invest in healthy living resources

Healthy Living Small Step #8: Invest in Resources

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. (Note: Some affiliate links included.) Confession I’m a quitter. When I get overwhelmed by something or don’t understand it, I have a tendency to just give it up altogether. I hate feeling dumb or inadequate. When I can’t do something well, I …Read More

Healthy Living Small Step #7: Rethink How You Make Coffee

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. I have a coffee dilemma. Maybe you do too. The dilemma in my conscience for years has been a struggle between my great love of morning coffee vs. the dangers of plastic in my coffeemaker. You see, plastic can break down over …Read More

Healthy Living Small Step #6: Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. Making your own household cleaner really is super easy. You can not only save money but also avoid any extra chemicals you may not want floating around your house. Why Make Your Own Cleaning Products?

Healthy Living Step #5: Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Healthy Living Small Step #5: Create a Weekly Menu Plan

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. Last Monday, we talked about the small healthy step of moving toward a diet of more homemade, real food. Have you tried to go just ONE day without processed food yet? It’s been a game changer for our family the past several …Read More

Healthy Living Small Step #4: Sneak in Exercise

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE. I doubt I need to convince you that exercise is a mandatory part of good health. But, if you’re like me, the problem isn’t knowing I need it. The problem of exercising regularly is 3-fold in my life: Time: Finding the time …Read More

Healthy Living Small Step #3: Ditch the Tupperware

  Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series here. If I were to say, “The next step to healthy living is to ditch all the plastic you have in your kitchen,” my guess is you’d scoff a bit and click over to a different site that is a bit …Read More

10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living: Step One

Healthy Living Small Step #1: Go One Day Without Processed Foods

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series here. (Note: Some affiliate links included.) Our Family’s Journey Toward Real Food My husband and I used to be fast food and convenience food (think store-bought frozen pizzas and lasagnas) junkies a little over a decade ago. When I worked full-time and …Read More

DIY, Citrus Cleaning Spray

DIY, Citrus Cleaning Spray

This DIY, natural cleaning spray is a great way I’ve been using my essential oils for cleaning. Just like the carpet/room freshener  I previously shared about, I love the simplicity of what is in the product and oh-my-gracious, how I love the smell. Best thing about it is, it SAFE.

DIY Carpet & Room Freshener

As a recovering candleholic, I am always in search of ways to make my home smell good. I’m kind of a scent junkie. Not to mention, with two dogs and two kids, it can be a challenge to keep our place smelling nice. Just the other day, I walked into my sons room and would …Read More

Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

My Story (so far): I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what an essential oil was until 2 years ago when a yoga instructor unexpectedly put it on me in the closing relaxation portion of a class. I remember having somewhat of a moral dilemma wondering if I was dabbling in some type of spiritualism …Read More

Best way to freeze food

What Should I Freeze My Meals In?

Affiliate Disclosure:  Posts may contain affiliate links. Is it possible to be a freezer cooking evangelist? If so, I imagine Rachel and I would slide right into the role. We are constantly talking about how freezer cooking saves time and money, how to start a freezer club, giving freezing instructions on all of our recipes, sharing …Read More

10 Things I Would Like from MightyNest

Welp, I’ve got a good start on my Christmas list! I’ve been eying out the site, MightyNest for days. The more I look at it, the longer my wishlist gets. (Dang it!) Similar to Rachel’s story, these parents were alarmed by what research revealed about the everyday products that we use. As a result, they …Read More

A Safe, Cheap, and Effective Sunscreen for the Whole Family

Updated from May 2013. I thought this post might be helpful again for those moms out there like me who want a safe, effective, and cheap sunscreen… Every year I find myself doing new research on the best and most affordable sunscreen that will keep my family protected this summer. The good news is that …Read More

diy scented soap bars

DIY Scented Soap Bars

by Jessica Ellingsworth of Mayvn, Contributing Author A recent school family project assignment had my daughters and I wondering what to conquer. “Let’s make soap!” one of them suggested. What?! Jessica here, and after a little research I have a fun and easy Spring project to whip up with kids that is also great for …Read More

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

I recently read a post on the Gospel Coalition website called “Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?” The information and thoughts shared in the article have been churning around in my mind since I read it. I thought I’d share a few excerpts from the article in hopes that it leads you to …Read More

how to start a freezer club

How to Start a Freezer Club (and Why You Should)

Tight budget? Want to eat healthy meals at home regularly? No time to cook homemade meals during the week? I’ve got the answer for you: Start a Freezer Club. Before having kids, I worked a full-time job with irregular hours. Dinner at home was the exception rather than the rule, unfortunately. Soon after quitting my …Read More