compared to her book discussion

Compared to Her: A Book Review

Disclosure: Affiliate links included. We all do it. We all compare. Some are more aware of this tendency than others but since sin entered the picture, we have been sizing ourselves up based on the people see around us. Comparison rears its ugly head particularly in the areas that we are most insecure in. Appearance. …Read More

I Heart Sseko Designs

I just got my first pair of Sseko Sandals in the mail. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get some. Not only am I friends with the founder, Liz, but I LOVE supporting businesses that are ethical and have a larger purpose than just making money. I’ve only had mine for …Read More

A Mother’s Day Special: 25 Encouraging Verse Cards

We’ve got a Mother’s Day special for you on a very special and inexpensive gift! About a year ago, Polly and I had our uber-talented designer friend, Christine Busch, design an adorable little set of 25 printable verse cards called On the Job Meditations for Moms…because, well, we personally needed them. Polly and I both …Read More

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

I recently read a post on the Gospel Coalition website called “Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?” The information and thoughts shared in the article have been churning around in my mind since I read it. I thought I’d share a few excerpts from the article in hopes that it leads you to …Read More

Reflections on our Family Mission Trip to Jamaica

For the past 9 days, my husband and two kids (2.5 y.o. and 11 months) have been in an impoverished community in Jamaica called Harmons. We went with a group of college students to serve with an established ministry there called Won by One. My history with this ministry and Harmons goes back 10 years …Read More

The Beauty of Female Friendship

This past weekend I gathered together with a group of 12 women made up of my best friends and various other women connected to our group in one way or another. While our initial reason for getting together was to live stream the IF Gathering, I look back on the two days and one night …Read More

Blessings Too Big by Toby Sumpter

Blessings Too Big by Toby Sumpter

On the tough days of motherhood I simply can’t understand why God says children are a “blessing.” I feel like I’m missing something OR he has given the “blessed” kids to someone else. Well, I read this blog post today on this topic over at Desiring God and thought it was for sure worth sharing. …Read More

A House or a Home?

If you’ve ever had your house on the market you know that you have to keep it in order and looking a particular way. An unrealistic way. No clutter, no mess, no dishes, no pets, no pictures, no dust balls, no unmade beds, etc. Each time I would prepare my house for a showing I …Read More

Helping the Homeless Video

There is no way for us to know how God will use the small acts of faith that we do in our everyday lives. Because of one conversation I had with a homeless man, now hundreds are being helped and blessed by on-the-go homeless bags. I had no idea how well received this idea would …Read More

9 Truths to Believe When My Child is Suffering

When our firstborn son was 20 months old and I was 9 months pregnant with our second child, my husband and I sat in silence in the procedure waiting room, nervously awaiting the results of his endoscopy and colonoscopy. He had been sick for months and no one had a clue what was going on …Read More

Pass the Truth, Please: Guest Post by Gloria Furman

I’m excited to share another guest post from our author and friend, Gloria Furman. When we told her about our printable Bible verses, On the Job Meditations for Moms, she offered to share this personal story in hopes that it would encourage other women to hide God’s Word in their hearts. Days and nights with …Read More

The Thankful Tree: A Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that I think is worth it: The Thankful Tree. In the rush of preparing a meal, socializing, and entertaining (or restraining?) a house full of little kids, it gave our extended family (ages 2-60) just a moment to reflect on why we had gathered. It focused our thoughts, even if for a …Read More

I Know Your Big Secret (Guest Post by Rachel’s Husband)

Guest post by Nathan, Rachel’s husband. He’s also written for us here. I know your big secret. I know something about you that I’m guessing you spend a lot of time and energy trying to hide. You might even try to hide this truth from yourself. A few examples may help explain. Steve Jobs was …Read More

How is My Exercising (or Lack-There-Of) a Spiritual Issue?

Guest post by Michele Mayer I used to be a runner. Not a marathoner, or even a half-marathon runner. Okay, not even a racer. I once ran a 5K and while I could easily finish the three-plus miles, I can’t even tell you the number of elderly people and young children who passed me up …Read More

A Sign in My Life

Sometimes lessons about what is most important in life come in the form of signs. Not miraculous signs from God like the pillar of smoke or the parting of the Red Sea that the Israelites witnessed. Not like the disciples watching Jesus being transfigured on a mountain. But, a sign in the most mundane of …Read More

Sharing Your Imperfect Home is Caring

I love today’s syndicated post by our friend, Gloria Furman of Domestic Kingdom, because, to be honest, I struggle with this very issue. Between worries about my dinged up walls, old nasty carpet, small house, and that my kids will be punks during dinner, I’m just not as hospitable as I could/should be. I’m clearly …Read More

Did Apple Go Too Far? (Guest Post by Rachel’s Husband)

Guest post by my husband, Nathan. As a mom who struggles to get off the computer or my phone daily and focus on my kids (gah…mom guilt just thinking about it), I found my husband’s guest post today particularly thought-provoking. A little background on my man: Nathan and I met when I was in college …Read More

Breath Prayers

It’s been one of those days. Well, even one of those weeks. Yesterday I came down with my second round of mastitis in the past two months. Last night when I was feeling my worst, plagued with chills, fever, headache, and a very sore body, my 3 month old decided to have a restless night …Read More

Numbering Our Days: Time You have Left in Jelly Beans

Numbering Our Days: Time You have Left in Jelly Beans

I stumbled on this video a few days ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Nobody wants to think about the fact that our days are numbered. However, I think there is something motivating when we don’t ignore the fact that our days here on earth are numbered. In fact, the Bible tells us in …Read More

Find Life in the Mundane

  Ever since I started reading Glimpses of Grace, this quote has been on the forefront of my mind. I thought it was worth sharing.