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How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Guest post and photography by my daddy, Curt. He also shared this post a while back. Every summer a strange phenomenon takes place in many American garages:  Hummingbirds fly in, but they don’t fly out.  They will stay in there, with the door wide open, until they keel over dead.  Weird, right?  Here’s why it …Read More

How to Freeze and Save Garden Zucchini

I have NEVER had such a great zucchini harvest. It seems like every time I go down to my garden, there are huge zucchinis waiting for me. I have zucchinis in all shapes and sizes and hardly know what to do with them. Here is a snapshot from Thriving Home’s Instagram of me and this …Read More

safe way to show youtube videos

Mom Hack: Safest Way to Show Youtube Videos to Kids

Do you like to watch Youtube videos with your kids? Or are you a teacher in some capacity and show Youtube videos to children? If so, you may find this tip helpful that my friend, Christine, sent me. SafeShare.TV provides the safest way to show Youtube videos to kids. Generating a video link through this …Read More

How to Refinish an Old Lamp

How to Refurbish an Old Lamp

It’s high time I introduce you to my dad. Although a former U.S. Marshal, I’ve always known him to be an artist and innovator at heart. From photographer to writer to architect/builder of our childhood playhouse, my dad is the most creative (and perfectionist) person I’ve ever met. He seriously can do anything he puts …Read More

favorite toys for two year olds

Moms’ Favorite Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Note: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here. Here’s a mommy pet peeve for you: Wasting money on toys that my kids only play with once or twice, not to mention the ones that take up a lot of space! I’m sure many moms and dads …Read More

Five Ways to Make Your House Less Desirable to Thieves

Guest posting for us today is my good friend, Ashley. As you will read in her post, she has learned some tough life lessons that she wanted to pass on. As a small town (and slightly naive) girl myself, I have found this information to be super helpful! A few months ago, my home was …Read More

how to start a freezer club

How to Start a Freezer Club (and Why You Should)

Tight budget? Want to eat healthy meals at home regularly? No time to cook homemade meals during the week? I’ve got the answer for you: Start a Freezer Club. Before having kids, I worked a full-time job with irregular hours. Dinner at home was the exception rather than the rule, unfortunately. Soon after quitting my …Read More

Life Hack: How to Hang Perfectly Level Decor on Walls

Since all of our big projects are pretty much done in our new house, I’ve gotten to work on some decorating. I wish SO MUCH that I had known about this little life hack on hanging pictures a long time ago. It would have saved me from much frustration, time and unnecessary holes in my …Read More

Budget Breakdown of the Kitchen Flip

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we have done some major work on our kitchen. As I’ve been talking to friends about it, some have bravely asked how much we spent. Something in me gets a little squirmy when I start sharing numbers. Not sure why because I’m always itching to know how much other …Read More

Before and Afters of my New Home

I love taking before and after shots. As we’ve been plowing through the house projects at our new home, I’ve managed to keep my camera handy and snap some shots of the progress. Here is a rundown of some of the things we’ve been up to! Entry Way: Put in hardwood floors, updated light fixture …Read More

2013 Top Ten Posts: Creativity

Despite the creative juices slowing down a bit this year due to my 2nd child being born, we still managed to get quite a few posts out there that the creative community liked. Here are the top 10 creative posts from 2013. 1. Wood Pallet Makeover 2. Football Blanket Tutorial 3. How to Hem Jeans …Read More

The Gift of Granola: Cheap and Easy Christmas Idea!

This holiday season, I’ve come up with a super easy, budget-friendly gift idea. Homemade granola! Double the batch, divide it between 3-4 large mason jars, tie a ribbon around the top and you’ve got yourself a gift that almost anybody can appreciate. I think this could be perfect for a grandparent, co-worker, neighbor, or friend …Read More

Mirror Makeover

   I inherited this HUGE mirror from my grandparents about a year ago. It’s been hanging above my couch for quite a while and has been begging for a fresh coat of paint for a long time. The original frame was kind of a golden, brass color. While it does communicate the fact that it’s …Read More

Game Night: Make Your Own “Apples to Apples”

It’s no secret. I LOVE games. Especially ones that make a group laugh and make memories together, like the Rate Your Mate Game or The Question Game. Today, I’ve got another DIY oldie but goodie that my family has played time and again. Remember that popular board game Apples to Apples? Well, my sister came …Read More

The Thankful Tree: A Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that I think is worth it: The Thankful Tree. In the rush of preparing a meal, socializing, and entertaining (or restraining?) a house full of little kids, it gave our extended family (ages 2-60) just a moment to reflect on why we had gathered. It focused our thoughts, even if for a …Read More

Spray Paint: I Love You

I have a thing for spray paint. Particularly cherry red. Below is evidence that nothing is safe in my presence if I have a stock of spray paint in my garage. Antique Elephant Project Happy Bucket Antique Children’s Chair Mailbox Makeover Fun Little Box Makeover: I didn’t write a post about this one but I …Read More

Repurposed Cabinet Door Idea

Since my house is on the market, I’ve been looking for thrifty ways to simplify and organize all of our stuff. One major area that needed some TLC was the top of our fridge. It had become a dumping ground for all miscellaneous food, drinks, canned goods, and more. Not the most appealing-to-the eye area …Read More

Gift Idea for a New Mom: Nursing Time Box

Reposted from January 2012 Here’s a frugal, easy and useful gift idea for a new mom… A friend of mine had her third baby a few weeks ago and is now at home with the infant and her two other small children. As I prepared a meal to take to her, I wondered if there …Read More