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Round up of easy summer learning activities for preschoolers

20+ Summer Preschool Learning Activities

Summer is a-coming! All of my little ducklings will be back in the nest and quickly clamoring for things to do. So, in theory, I’m OK with my kids facing a little boredom. It forces them to be creative and play together cooperatively more. Yeah boredom!  BUT, in reality, in my home at least, idle …Read More

Resource for How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex (Ages 3+)

5 year old: “Mom, how do the eggs get in the mama bird’s belly?” Mom: “Um, well, (frantically trying to formulate an answer that will not spur more questions) the daddy puts them there.” (Not my best parenting moment). 5 year old: “Does it hurt for the egg to come out?” Mom: “Probably, a little …Read More

If I could go back to the beginning, here are six pieces of advice I would give myself as a new stay-at-home mom.

6 Things I Would Go Back and Tell Myself as a New Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is not for the faint of heart. Polly’s latest revelations about this past year are case in point. All three of my children are in elementary school now, but those nine “little years” at home with them were not easy. It sure was worth it, though. The job a stay-at-home mom does day in …Read More

5 Lessons I’ve Learned This Year as a Mom of Three

My sweet “Clay-Bay-Bay” just turned one. It seems so cliche to say that this year has gone fast but it also feels wrong to not say it. We have officially completed an entire year with three kids, 5 and under. I get tired even thinking about it. To be completely honest with you all, this …Read More

Two Questions to Ask Your Child Every Day

Dinner time is far from picture perfect these days. While I do have hopes of one day sitting around the table and talking about the happenings of the day, our current meal times are a combination of sibling squabbles, standing up in chairs, spilled drinks, and complaints. It’s usually all wrapped up with some sort of …Read More

Keeping the Big Things Big (and the Small Things Small)

“Martha, if your heart stops beating, do you want us to restart it?” I could hardly believe the question that the doctor had just asked my grandmother (technically my husband’s grandmother but family is family.) As much as I was caught off guard by the question, I was even more shocked by her answer. Without …Read More

Why Mommy Meltdowns are OK Sometimes

A few weeks ago I was having a hard day. Minor things had been chipping away at me all day long and my resistance was low. When my infant refused to go down for an afternoon nap I hit my tipping point and began to crumble. A mommy meltdown was in full swing. We’ve all …Read More

Jesus' Birthday Cake

A Birthday Party for Jesus on Christmas Night

When the gift opening frenzy is over, all toys have been played with, and everyone has sufficiently stuffed themselves on Christmas dinner..there’s still one more Christmas tradition my children can’t wait for each year: our birthday party for Jesus on Christmas night. I love that our celebration ends with setting our hearts on the true meaning …Read More

“Will you and Daddy ever get divorced?”

“Will you and Daddy ever get divorced?” My 6-year-old’s anxious question pierced my heart. It wasn’t the first time one of my children had asked this of me. I remember asking my parents that same question around his age. How do I want to respond his question? What does my child want me to say? “Never, …Read More

“Seeds of Christmas” Album and DVD Review

*This post is sponsored by Seeds Family Worship but opinions are all mine! Well, they’ve done it again. Seeds Family Worship has come out yet again with another scripture led, kid-favorite, easy on the ears of parents, wonderful album. Except this time, it’s a bit different. It’s CHRISTMAS themed! Teaching our kids about the true …Read More

5 Reminders for the Sleep Deprived Mom (or Dad!)

My third kid was about two months old and I was TIRED. So very tired. The newborn honeymoon stage had worn off only to be replaced by an accumulation of sleep deprivation. One night, after already being up multiple times, I was woken up by my husband talking. However, he wasn’t speaking a language I …Read More

The Gift of a Granola Bar

Monday mornings are a big deal around our house. Reason for all the excitement? Trash day. My kids not only love trash day because of the huge trucks that give them a honk and a wave but they have formed a sweet bond with the hardworking men who pick up our trash. See for yourself…

Character is Caught, Not Taught

As a child of the 80s, I grew up watching my dad get his newspapers out of those huge, metal dispensers. I loved putting the quarters in for him and the immediate ability to pull a previously-locked door open. One particular Sunday morning we were in front of the Casey’s gas station in our small …Read More

A Third Kid is Like…

“So, how is life with three kids?” is a common question I’ve been getting these days. It’s such an innocent question that I can answer in one sentence or in three hours. And, as with most things in the realm of parenting, one’s experience is entirely dependent on the existing family dynamics. So much of …Read More

This well-done, biblical devotional book is perfect for families with elementary and teenage children. Parents will find it easy to use all year round.

Book Review of “One Year of Dinner Table Devotions”

Do you know what one extensive study shows to be the three crucial factors in teenagers retaining their faith through high school and beyond? The first and second of those three factors are two things that you and I can start doing when our kids are young. The #1 factor is parents who model a genuine …Read More

Dig In

My kids’ room was a mess. They had been playing hard and managed to undo any type of organization I had attempted to create in the past 4 years. While I was thankful for the extended conflict-free play time, I wasn’t thankful for the unearthing of every toy that existed in our home. Being way …Read More

One of My BEST Postpartum Soreness Tricks

After having three babies, I’ve managed to pick up a few tips and tricks when it comes to recovering from childbirth. Because of some complications with a two-vessel umbilical cord, my first baby was a cesarian. My next two came into the world VBAC style (Tyler’s story & Clayton’s story). The truth is, there really isn’t a …Read More