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Much Love for Lana at Art and Soul Photography

Along with our site being updated, you may have noticed that our pictures have been updated as well. We were lucky to snag our friend, Lana Ekland at Art and Soul Photography to take the job. I’ve actually have known Lana for over five years now because once upon a time, she photographed my wedding! …Read More

talking to your kids about sex

6 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Guest post by Nathan, Rachel’s husband Rachel and I are the parents of three kids, and though the oldest is just starting second grade, we’ve been occasionally discussing how to talk with our kids about sex. In fact, it might be better to say that we’ve been discussing how to continue talking to them about …Read More

number game for preschooler

Preschool Number Learning Game

This preschool number learning activity is almost too simple to deserve its own post. Anyone can whip this matching game up at almost any time. All you need is some paper and scissors. Pin It

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rachel's family

The One Where I Admit I Can’t Do It All

I’ve been struggling with headaches for two years now–ever since I was done nursing my my last child. They seem to have gotten more frequent–about once a week I end up in bed. I’ve linked them to lack of sleep, sitting at my computer/behind the wheel, lifting kids, and stress in general, at various times. …Read More


Field of Dreams: A Family Business Venture

My mom (i.e. the real pioneer woman) has a dream. It’s a pretty cool dream. It might help to see this picture of my mom, me, and my little sister from my childhood first. See, my mom has always had a thing for pumpkins. And she won first prize at our fair long ago for …Read More

Safe Sunscreen

A Safe, Cheap, and Effective Sunscreen for the Whole Family

Updated from May 2013. I thought this post might be helpful again for those moms out there like me who want a safe, effective, and cheap sunscreen… Every year I find myself doing new research on the best and most affordable sunscreen that will keep my family protected this summer. The good news is that …Read More


Can Women (and Men) Have It All?

Guest post by my husband, Nathan. In many respects, Indra K. Nooyi is an enormously successful woman. The 58 year-old CEO of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business on the planet, often ranks highly on the list of the world’s most powerful women and top executives in general. She reportedly earned a salary …Read More


A Word to the Struggling New Mom

I recently got together with a sweet friend who has a six month old. It was the first time we had actually talked face-to-face since he was born and the first time I was able to hear firsthand about the struggle and hardship she had been going through since he was born. As she processed …Read More

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Mom Hack: The Problem of Legos

Mom Hack: Make Your Lego Problems Go Away

All moms of boys know the problem of Legos, eh? They breed and then migrate. That’s my best guess for how they get under the refrigerator, next to the toilet, and in the van, among about 206 other locations. One solution that I’ve found helpful is…wait for it…wait for it… Pin It

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How to Make Your Summer at Home Count (2014)

Making My Summer 2014 At Home with Kids Count

Today is my 1st grade son’s last day of school (finally!). After one last trip to the Dollar Store this morning, I’m ready! Summer provides a magical (well, at least at first) and unique time to pour into my three kids at home. The great amount of free time together, though, can be overwhelming. Where …Read More

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counting cheerios

Stacking Cheerios: A Preschool Counting Game

My almost-three-year-old has been enjoying all things counting as of late. I’ve been trying to run with the momentum and find all sorts of things to count. I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a whirl. Here’s the game: Take two skewer sticks and shove them into a …Read More

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fathers day gift idea

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Idea

I wanted to share about a DIY Father’s Day gift I put together for my dad a few years ago. It took a little preliminary work but the thoughtfulness and time put into it was totally worth it. Weeks before Father’s Day, I asked my two siblings to send me 5-10 things that they have …Read More

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World’s Toughest Job

World’s Toughest Job

This video has been going around for a while but I couldn’t help but smile and laugh my way through it. Happy Mother’s Day.

alphabet soup preschool learning activity

Alphabet Soup: Preschool Learning Game

Dinner is going–pots boiling, oven cranked and chopping knife in hand. And the only thing the kids want is to be near mommy. I mean right on top of me. Know that feeling? Years ago, we coined the term “counter activities” in our house. These are small learning activities that I drag from the toy …Read More

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verse card thumbnail

A Mother’s Day Special: 25 Encouraging Verse Cards

We’ve got a Mother’s Day special for you on a very special and inexpensive gift! About a year ago, Polly and I had our uber-talented designer friend, Christine Busch, design an adorable little set of 25 printable verse cards called On the Job Meditations for Moms…because, well, we personally needed them. Polly and I both …Read More