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Round up of easy summer learning activities for preschoolers

20+ Summer Preschool Learning Activities

Summer is a-coming! All of my little ducklings will be back in the nest and quickly clamoring for things to do. So, in theory, I’m OK with my kids facing a little boredom. It forces them to be creative and play together cooperatively more. Yeah boredom!  BUT, in reality, in my home at least, idle …Read More

Storm the Castle: A Mini Catapult Launching Game

Storm the Castle: A Mini Catapult Launching Game

My 5-year-son and I made up this game one afternoon that we called “Storm the Castle”. We had so much fun together, as you can see in our snippet of video at the bottom. A bonus was that he was also learning problem-solving, counting, and fine motor skills with me “teaching” him. I call that a parenting win. (Yes, they …Read More

Free Printables for Summer

FREE Fun Printables for Summer

Hey there, Thriving Home readers! My name is Julie and I blog over at Happy Home Fairy. One of my favorite things to do on my site is create fun FREE Printables that help sweet mamas like you build a happy home! Polly and Rachel asked if I would share a few of my Summer …Read More

Make This Summer with Your Kids Count - How to create intentional summer goals that will make a difference in kids' lives.

Make This Summer with Your Kids Count (2015 Edition)

Ah, summer. For many of us, the word is synonymous with any number of good things: long, sun-drenched days, vacations, going to the pool, the smell of freshly cut grass, baseball, etc. But the summer months also offer a great chance for parents to help their kids grow and develop in an intentional way. As …Read More

Rainy Day Activity with marshmallows and toothpicks is one of the simplest learning activities for many ages.

Marshmallows + Toothpicks = Rainy Day Activity

This activity isn’t rocket science…but it might further your child toward that career. Simply give your child toothpicks. Gasp! You mean hand my child those sharp pointy objects!? They will poke their sibling’s eye out! Yes, hand them toothpicks. And then hand them a bizillion little marshmallows and watch the miracle of their imaginations come …Read More

Boredom Buster: Paint a Box!

We’ve been cooped up way too long. Between yucky weather, fevers and snow days, my kids were getting major cabin fever. I needed something… stat. As of late, my three year old has taken to painting and can actually do it now without creating a masterpiece on the table, wall, her body… you get the …Read More

My Preschooler’s Favorite Counting Game

I wanted to share a super easy counting game that is great for toddlers and preschoolers. This number learning game is something you can put together at home and will keep your kiddo busy. When I was part of a Busy Bag Swap, I came home with this little counting game and didn’t think much …Read More

Ball Toss Game: Learning to Add by 10s

Anybody remember The Bozo Show? I think I just dated myself…big time. But, that’s where this ball toss game idea originally came from. My kids, ranging in age from 4-8, love this game on rainy or cold days. As they play, they are learning to count by 10s. Even my 4-year-old began to get the …Read More

14 best educational toys

The 14 Best Hands-On Educational Toys We Own

Note: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here. Every year around Christmas and my kids’ birthdays, I find myself asking friends what toys have the most lasting play value in their homes. And I scour blogs and websites for reviews of the best learning toys. …Read More

Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party

Easy and Cheap Science Birthday Party: A Complete Guide

Although a while back, I swore off a Pinterest birthday party for my kids, here I am. I found a pocket of creative time this past year and dove head-first into my 7-year-old son’s request for a Science Birthday party. I won’t lie. The research and preparation took a long time. That’s because I wanted …Read More

preschool math learning game

Preschool Math Learning Game: Twist On the Game of War

Here’s a quick and easy math learning game you can play with your preschooler. My 4-year-old son loves this one. It’s a twist on the game of war which will help your child learn the concept of “more than and less than” in a visual way. This War Game also helps with counting in a …Read More

6 Easy and Fun Activities for Holiday Gatherings

  Updated from December 2013. Want to spice up that next family gathering or Christmas party? Try a game or activity to get everyone involved. Here are some of our favorites to do together over the holidays with your kids, with friends or at extended family gatherings. Enjoy!

Preschool Number Learning Game

This preschool number learning activity is almost too simple to deserve its own post. Anyone can whip this matching game up at almost any time. All you need is some paper and scissors.

Field of Dreams: A Family Business Venture

My mom (i.e. the real pioneer woman) has a dream. It’s a pretty cool dream. It might help to see this picture of my mom, me, and my little sister from my childhood first. See, my mom has always had a thing for pumpkins. And she won first prize at our fair long ago for …Read More

Making My Summer at Home with Kids Count

Today is my 1st grade son’s last day of school (finally!). After one last trip to the Dollar Store this morning, I’m ready! Summer provides a magical (well, at least at first) and unique time to pour into my three kids at home. The great amount of free time together, though, can be overwhelming. Where …Read More

Stacking Cheerios: A Preschool Counting Game

My almost-three-year-old has been enjoying all things counting as of late. I’ve been trying to run with the momentum and find all sorts of things to count. I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a whirl. Here’s the game: Take two skewer sticks and shove them into a …Read More

alphabet soup preschool learning activity

Alphabet Soup: Preschool Learning Game

Dinner is going–pots boiling, oven cranked and chopping knife in hand. And the only thing the kids want is to be near mommy. I mean right on top of me. Know that feeling? Years ago, we coined the term “counter activities” in our house. These are small learning activities that I drag from the toy …Read More