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Something I Didn’t Expect to Happen After My Third Child Was Born

As we’ve welcomed each of my three kids into our family, each one has taught us new things about ourselves, parenting and raising children. With each child has come unexpected delights, challenges and emotions. Our third, Clayton, has proven to be no different. I kind of thought that by the third kid, we’d know what …Read More

10 Ways to Cultivate Grateful Hearts in Your Kids

This post includes a few affiliate links. Yesterday I shared a bit of our parenting struggles as of late (read: entitlement!) and wrote a review of the outstanding parenting book called Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch. While immersed in the book, I began implementing several of her ideas and writing down some of …Read More

He’s HERE! Clayton’s Birth Story

He’s here! He’s here! If you follow any of my social media, you have known that for a few days now that baby Clayton was born on March, 23 at 7:01 pm. He was born three weeks early but is my biggest baby of the three coming in at 7lbs and 11oz. We are all …Read More

On Being a Stay At Home Mom

On Being a Stay-At-Home Mom (Part 1): The Job With No Accolades

Nine years ago when my first child was born, my husband and I decided that I would not work full-time anymore and would instead stay home (most of the time) with our children during their preschool years. I am now looking at the end of my “tour of duty” being at home with my three children. My youngest …Read More

15 meaningful Easter books that will help you and your family focus on the meaning of the holiday

15 Meaningful Easter Books

Easter is such a happy holiday. Bunnies. Egg hunts. Special Easter Sunday dresses (and an excuse to put little boys in vests or ties). Easter brunch with the family. Fun candies. Spring time. It really is one of my favorite holidays. Like most holidays, the original meaning can easily get lost in the celebrating and traditions. I’m pretty …Read More

Bed-Resting (Part 2)

So, here we are. On bed rest. (If you want the backstory to how I got here, hop over to yesterday’s post.) If I’m being completely honest with myself, the idea of being on bed rest for the last few weeks of pregnancy didn’t sound all that bad. Kicking back, watching movies, reading books, taking …Read More

Bed-Resting (Part 1)

Hey Friends. Polly here. Because I can get a little chatty when I write personal posts like these, I’ve decided to break this up into two different posts: 1) The backstory to how I ended up on bed rest and 2) Some initial observations and things I’m learning from sitting on my butt all day. Ready, …Read More

Storm the Castle: A Mini Catapult Launching Game

Storm the Castle: A Mini Catapult Launching Game

My 5-year-son and I made up this game one afternoon that we called “Storm the Castle”. We had so much fun together, as you can see in our snippet of video at the bottom. A bonus was that he was also learning problem-solving, counting, and fine motor skills with me “teaching” him. I call that a parenting win. (Yes, they …Read More

How to Get Yellow Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes

A rumbling-tumbling-jumping belly, achy back, out of breath…all the time, decreased appetite, and hating 95% of clothing can only mean one thing: the third trimester! It’s game time baby. The nursery is starting to take shape and I’m starting to knock off some to-do’s before baby #3 arrives. Since we aren’t finding out the gender …Read More

The Mighty Mundane

As an expectant mom, I doubt I’m alone when I confess that I have some anxieties and fears about the unknowns of what the future holds. Along with the excitement and anticipation of a new baby, there is also a touch of nervousness. I mean, will I be able to handle three kids? Am I …Read More

You'll never regret giving this thrifty, yet meaningful gift this Christmas.

Giving the Gift of Time To Our Kids for Christmas

Guest post by Erin Anderson. Being six years younger than my sister, I always wanted to be more than an annoying little sister. That’s likely why I still remember when she invited me at the age of 14 to stay with her at college for a weekend. When I was in elementary school my dad …Read More

5 Devotional Books Our Family is Loving

5 Devotional Books Our Family Is Loving

There are so many things my husband, Nathan, and I find ourselves regretting that we do or say as parents. But, one that I’m fairly confident we will not regret is taking the time to read to our children–especially books that encourage them to have a bigger, truer view of our God. Over the past year or …Read More

Five Reasons My Strong-Willed Child is a Blessing

I’m currently in a pretty large women’s Bible study filled with moms. What I’ve learned from listening to moms in all stages–some with their first infant, to some with kids in college–is that most families have a tough kid in the batch. We’ve finessed it down to calling them our “firecracker” kid. Some have more …Read More

Polly’s Big News

Woot woot!! I’ve been dying to share fun our news with you all.  Today is finally the day! In April, my husband and I will be officially outnumbered by children. You guys. Now that I can openly talk about this, I must tell you that the first trimester kicked my butt. Like, really hard. This …Read More

Pacifier, Be Gone!

The time had come. My 2 year old, pacifier-loving son has reached a point in his manhood that takes much courage. Much strength. Much hardship. It was his time. His time to lose the pacifier. Every young man comes to this turning point in his life. Some at the ripe age of 6 months. Some …Read More

When Motherhood Gets Messy

When Motherhood Gets Messy

This guest post by Rebekah, from Barren to Beautiful, has touched my heart. It had me laughing and crying all in the same 5 minutes. Rebekah has a true gift of sharing her heart and providing much-needed encouragement for mothers. We are thankful to have her share on Thriving Home today.   “Don’t touch Mommy when she’s …Read More