Juicing at Home

Here’s a great, short article about the benefits of juicing at home for you and your family.  We regularly juice a few times a week.  My kids love it, and I feel like it’s an easy way to get fresh fruits and veggies in them.  I encourage you to pass up the juice at the store and use your money instead to invest in a juicer and fresh, organic produce to juice yourself.  Here are a few recipes we’ve made up and that are Tiemeyer-kid-tested-and-approved:

Green Juice
Green Juice #2
Purple Juice
Purple Juice #2
Bright Red Juice

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  1. Taylor Design says

    I found your blog through our friend Erika Russell and I love your recipes. Your Cheeseburger Soup has become a staple in our house. I have a juicer, which I don't use often enough but your recipes look delish. My son is 19 months old, do you think he too young for juices this potent? And what do you do, if anything with all the pulp left over after juicing, I think it's such a waste to throw it away?

  2. Rachel says

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you enjoy the soup!

    I have a 20 month old and give her about 2 oz juice only once a day with 50% or more filtered water added. I also make sure to brush her teeth well. Keep in mind that this is lower in sugar than say OJ at the store b/c you are using veggies, too.

    As for the pulp, I agree. I hate all the waste. I've sometimes rejuice it to make sure I get everything out of it. I've also used apple and carrot pulp in muffins before (I froze it until I was ready). I believe the Juicing for Health website has some ideas for pulp, but they didn't sound too appetizing to me. Let me know if you figure something out, though!