The Future of Running Shoes?

After reading Born to Run I started following the author, Christopher McDougall’s blog and as a result, feel a little bit like an insider to the running world. I recently stumbled on this information and thought it was worth sharing.

Like I mentioned in my book review of Born to Run, one of the biggest things I walked away with from the book is the fact that we are all very confused on what type of shoes we should be running in. I walked away with the conclusion that when it comes to running shoes, less is more. In fact, there is a huge movement towards using VERY simple running shoes or even running plain barefoot. By now you’ve probably seen people wearing Five Finger Shoes so I guess it should be no surprise that the barefoot running movement has come out with this:

luna running shoes

Yep. THOSE are running shoes.

As Christopher McDougall said, “… sandals were worn by ancient Greek messengers, Roman Centurions, Tibetan monks, and Hopi braves, and they’re still the go-to shoe for Tarahumara Indians. Even when they were given new running shoes at the Leadville Trail 100 in 1994, the Tarahumara slipped right back into their homemade huaraches as soon as they got the chance — and won.”

So this, my friends, is quite possibly the future of running shoes. Sandals.

Now you’ll be able to consider yourself an insider to the running world and be one step ahead when these start showing up on the feet of people in your hometown.

running in lunas

You can find more information on Luna Sandals at their website. (That’s also where I got these pictures from.)

I’m curious… what are your thoughts on these? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Stacey says

    Although, the miminalist movement definitely making it’s statement to be the new way of running. I think the biggest difference between us and them, is we run on concrete. A hard surface that is man made, although, I do feel our form lacks because of the supportive shoes we wear. We do the the support and cushion of running shoes because we are running on hard surfaces vs. the people out in Africa who run on dirt and grass. The bones in our feet have nothing the grab on the ground when we run on concrete. Unless you are a forefoot runner I would stay away from all things minimalist.

    One shoe that I think will take the market is the Newton running shoe, it teaches good form with it’s elevated lugs on the front of the shoe and gives you the support you need without running barefoot.

    Happy running!

  2. holli says

    This is interesting for me considering I just got some Keen sandals to walk in (I don’t really run any more). I had done some reading about how walker really like wearing their Keen’s to walk in because they are so comfortable. And for me living in Florida I can get them wet, and wear them all year without socks (a nice bonus when its warm most of the year). I have to say though, that Luna shoe looks like a women’s sandal, so I think its even funnier to see that dude running it them… like is he going to church or running? And the strap between his toe does not seem comfortable. They also don’t look like they would actually offer enough straps to hold them to your feet, so the sole would be flapping all around. Oh the things we come up with I suppose… 🙂

    • Rachel says

      Maybe the question we should be asking is “What would Jesus wear?” These sandals look like what he’d run in, right??

  3. holli says

    haha yeah totally! At the rate I run I would just make Jesus cry