Blog Love: Polly’s Current Favs

Finding a well-written, good blog to follow is quite a task. Search engines usually don’t know where to point you so usually you’re at the mercy of what you stumble on or what friends are talking about. Today and tomorrow, Rachel and I are going to be sharing a few blogs that we have been enjoying and feel confident to recommend to others.

Here are seven blogs I find worth reading:


Blogging with Amy



When Rachel and I decided to start Thriving Home, I had a lot to learn about the world of wordpress, SEO, plugins, web-hosting, etc. I have found Blogging with Amy to be an amazing resource. Her goal is to help non-techy people start their own blogs and websites. I appreciate that she keeps her explanations and tutorials simple and doable. When I’ve had people come to me with blogging questions, I usually point them on to Amy.



Since I bought my first DSLR camera (thank you, garage sale!), I have been dabbling in the world of photography. There is so much to learn and I have found the blog, clickinmoms as a great place to start. They have great photoshop tutorials as well as many practical tips on how to improve your photography.

Make it and Love It

make it and love it

I follow a lot of craft and sewing blogs and I can pretty much say that Make It and Love It is my favorite. Her projects and tutorials are easy to follow and very doable for those with average sewing skills. She also has great photography that I am inspired by and have learned a lot from simply by studying her pictures. She has inspired many of my projects such as: Turn a Onesie into a Dress, Playdate Skirt, & Fourth of July Onesie. Can’t say enough good things about this blog.

Natty by Design

nattie by design

This blog is all about refinishing old furniture. It’s unbelievable what this woman can do with some sanding, priming, and painting. I’ve been majorly inspired by her projects. This blog helps me to look at old, tossed out furniture in a new way. I can attribute a lot of my furniture makeovers to Nattie by Design.

Styleberry Blog

styleberry blog

Photography, creativity, ambition, sass, style, and honesty are just a few of the things you’ll find in this blog. I’ve learned a lot about cloth diapering, photography, homemade baby food, and so much more from Shawna.

The Big Picture

the big picture

I love following these “News Stories in Photographs” blog. Some posts bring a smile to my face while others can bring tears and heartache. This blog combines the power of photography and telling a story with it.

Christian Personal Finance

christian personal finance

This is the newest blog to my reading list but I have very much enjoyed what I’ve read so far and find this blog worth recommending. I stumbled on Bob’s post about how to make money with a blog and was amazed at the amount of content and the clarity in which it was shared. I began to explore his site a bit more and found that I was very interested in his approach to finances as well as practical ideas on saving and managing money.


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