2013 Top Ten Posts: Creativity

By Polly Conner


Despite the creative juices slowing down a bit this year due to my 2nd child being born, we still managed to get quite a few posts out there that the creative community liked. Here are the top 10 creative posts from 2013.

1. Wood Pallet Makeover

Wood pallet before and after

2. Football Blanket Tutorial


3. How to Hem Jeans and Keep the Original Hem

How to hem your own jeans and keep original hem

4. Fourth of July Wreath

Fourth of July Wreath

5. How to Make a Bow Tie

6. How to Make Green Slime

how to make green slime

7. Playdate Skirt Tutorial

8. DIY Circle Garland

DIY kids room decor

9. Cheap and Easy Decorating Idea: Painting the Inside of Vase

How to paint a glass vase

10. Creative Storage Solution: Repurpose Old Diaper Boxes

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