Intentional Beauty 2013: 8 Tips for the New Year {Guest Post}

Beauty 2013

Guest post by Jessica from Mayvn

The word ‘resolution’ gets tossed around like a hot-cake this time of year. Even though I love a challenge and a goal, I also want to be set up for success. Healthy reminders and practical intentions are the phrases I like to use. Jessica from Mayvn here (Note: you might remember her from this tasty recipe), with a few beauty goals that leave me feeling excited to embrace another year of growing older and (hopefully) wiser.

It is so important that we take good care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Confidence and feeling pretty are the expected results….But I also think it is important to model healthy habits and self-respect to our children and families. These beauty tid-bits are quick and easy to incorporate into your 2013 glam game.

1. Exfoliate twice per week: One of the most important techniques in operation glowing skin is exfoliation. Sloughing off old skin cells, makeup residue, and environmental irritants is a must for moisturizers to be absorbed better. Getting the job done doesn’t have to be expensive. A baking soda or cornmeal paste made with water can do the trick, but here is one of my favorite homemade recipes:

Homemade Exfoliate Recipe:

1 tsp. almond flour or finely ground almonds.
1 tsp. rosewater

Mix into a paste and gently rub all over the face. Rinse.

2. Use a daily antioxidant: This is taking the wear-your-daily-sunscreen and giving it steroids. Wearing a vitamin C serum (in the form of L-ascorbic acid) under sunscreen strengthens the skin barrier, promotes collagen production (healthy, plump skin), and gives free-radicals the final boot in their attempt to damage skin. Another option is wearing a retinol at night for repair while sleeping. I have been religious about sunscreen since the late nineties, but using antioxidants is a fairly new practice I am loving for even healthier skin.

3. Experiment more with hair: We have pinned new ‘dos, seen them in magazines, and sought advice from friends and hairdressers, but it can’t stop there! Whether it is new bangs, ombré hair color, or even just a ballerina bun, a fresh hairdo can do wonders for confidence. I will definitely be putting this one into practice–I have had the same hairdo since seventh grade! Just remember: hair grows.

4. Getting dailies on the daily: During my pregnancies I did not miss a beat taking my fish oil, probiotics, and whole food supplements. The little munchkins lacked for nothing in the nutrition department. I had the kind of shiny hair even Sampson would have been jealous of. Why am I not taking such care of myself now that I am not with child? Don’t get me wrong, I take them…but not with the consistency and motivation like when I was pregnant. The benefits of fish oil are endless, starting with the nice nails and lustrous hair. Probiotics help with immunity, digestion, and balance. Time for them to be dailies again.

5. Finding the perfect bold lip color: I have to admit, I love my light pink lipstick and gloss. It is comfortable. I am rarely without it. Every once in a blue moon, though, I get the itch for a bold hue on my kisser. I can’t tell you how many bad reds, fuschias, and corals I have bought, but there is a graveyard of them. Finding the right bold hue for specific skin and coloring is an art. This is one I have seen women shy away from because it is a bit daring to but on a red lip color for a night out on the town for the fear of looking like a clown… or worse. It is worth the time to study if you are a warm or cool; pink undertones or olive undertones, and even visit a beauty counter to try several. Believe me, when a lip color is done right it will rock your face.

6. Tea, peace, and quiet: My mama wasn’t lying when she hounded me to get my beauty sleep. The older I get, the more appreciative I am of every wink of sleep I get. Several nights per week, I am going to be more intentional of winding down before I go to sleep by unplugging, drinking some herbs, and enjoying a few quiet moments before hitting the pillow. I love all of the organic de-caff teas made by Traditional Medicinals, especially the Sleepy Time. Besides feeling more refreshed, patience throughout the day and bright eyes are awesome perks of getting 7 to 8.

7. Self Check-Out: Monthly self breast exams and skin checks are the first line of defense in detecting if something isn’t quite right. I’ve admittedly been a slacker in my 20’s on this one. Not anymore. After going through my mom having cancer twice, I am a huge believer that a woman is her best health advocate. Also, getting checked out by a dermatologist once a year is essential to finding out if any spots or moles are suspicious–skin cancer is the most common of all cancers.

8. Mastering the glow: Even though we are all globbing on the sunscreen, it doesn’t mean we are destined for pale pastiness-ville. This is the age of naturally formulated bronzers and tints, and there is an appropriate shade for anyone’s skin tone to achieve a healthy color without looking fake. Good rule of thumb: go one shade darker than your natural skin color. I really like mineral formulas like Jane Iredale and Bare Escentuals. A great drugstore bet is Physicians Formula Bronze Booster.

Here is to your most beautiful year yet!

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