The Christmas Countdown Chain


Ever since Thanksgiving, we’ve had a similar conversation every morning with my three year old:

3 y.o. : “Is family coming to our house now? Can we open presents?”

Me: “No, we don’t open presents until Christmas. That is __ days away.”

3 y.o. : “So when I wake up tomorrow can we open presents?”

The poor thing can’t quite understand abstract concepts yet. The concept of time-especially when it’s a long amount of time, is hard to grasp.

I was trying to brainstorm up ways to help her understand the concept of days and how far away Christmas was when I came up with this idea: A Countdown Christmas Chain!


We explained that every day when she wakes up she can tear a ring off the chain. When all the rings are gone, then it will be Christmas!


She’s counted them very carefully and knows the exact amount of rings left. I think this gives her a visual concept of how much time is left which in return will (hopefully) eliminate the daily, crushing news that today nor tomorrow is Christmas.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?!

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