Blogging Basics: How Much Money Do Mom Bloggers Make?

How much money do mom bloggers make?

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I admit I googled “How much money do mom blogs make?” a few different times when we first started Thriving Home. You see Polly and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to build a business from our blogging hobby. But, I was skeptical that it was even possible. I wanted proof. Unfortunately, not much proof existed on the internet in 2011 to answer my question, however.

Since then, there is so much more information available about how much money mom blogs make. In fact, some bloggers we admire greatly now publish their monthly income reports for the world to see. The first time I saw this, my jaw dropped. I felt like I was looking into these bloggers’ underwear drawers. But, this information is so incredibly helpful! Seeing how different bloggers are making their money spawns new business ideas and learning how much they actually make has given us a “can do” spirit. Check out these bloggers’ income reports, if you’re interested: Pinch of Yum’s income reports and Just A Girl and A Blog income reports. And Amy Lynn Andrews put together an entire Pinterest board with bloggers’ income reports here!

Back to the question at hand, though. The short answer is this: the amount of money mom bloggers make is different for every single one. Isn’t that frustrating to hear? But, it’s really true. Every blogger has to decide over time what she has to offer readers and what income sources work best for her own platform. We’ve tried quite a few revenue streams ourselves over the years and will share specific ideas with you later in the week (click here for that post). Of course, we continue to experiment, learn, and grow.

To leave you perhaps a bit more appeased about today’s question, though, I thought I’d open up our own underwear drawer for you. (Nah, you don’t want to see that. Trust me.) Actually, I want to show you what kind of money we are making as part-time mom bloggers currently. I’m going to compare two months for you over the past two years: October 2013, and October 2014. (I was going to show you October 2012 but it was a pittance at that point and I couldn’t find good stats on it, unfortunately.) October is typically a higher traffic time for us, so we thought it may be helpful for you to see how our revenue has slowly but steadily grown over time.

First, it’s important for you to know that Polly and I only spend about 10 hours per week each (for a total of about 20 hours combined) working on our blog. Some of the bloggers I linked to above work full-time on theirs, and their husbands work with them as well. So, when you break down our profit, we make about $25+/hour each per month right now (give or take). Not bad for all the advantages and the potential for more and more growth!

Secondly, as you interpret these numbers, it’s important to keep in mind that Polly and I split our monthly earnings 50/50. Remember there are two of us working on our baby the blog.

Our Profit/Loss Report: October 2013

How much money do mom bloggers make?

Our Profit/Loss Report: October 2014
Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.06.09 AM

We explain more about each of the revenue streams in our post “5 Ways to Start Making Money on Your Blog.” But, as you can see, we have expanded in several areas over the past year and things have continued to change over the past 6 months even more. We have big things in the works for the summer!

Yes, mom bloggers can make money! But, let me leave you with one somewhat sobering thought. Building a blog with an engaged audience, significant traffic, and earning potential isn’t easy. It takes time. And hard work. And perseverance. And patience. If you want to get into the blogging business as a “get rich quick” scheme, think again. We’ve learned we must play the long game. We must remain true to our values and vision for the blog. And, our readers always come first.

And, you know what? We’re beginning to see the pay off. Like I at the start of this series, building a blog is a pretty exciting part-time journey!

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There is SO MUCH blogging information that we want to share with you. We want you to skip the mistakes we’ve made along the way, learn about all the different ways you could potentially make money from your blog, know which plugins, websites and software that we have found most helpful and so much more insider information.

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  1. candace says

    Thank you for posting all this wonderful information about blogging part 1-5. They are most helpful. My friend and I are wanting to start a blog but we are researching how too(s) first before we take the plunge. This has been the most helpful information I have read. And I have read a LOT. 🙂

    • Polly says

      There are so many benefits that come with blogging with a friend. We wouldn’t be where we are without each other! Let us know if we can help you at all.

  2. Rachel says

    I second Polly’s comment. We love being a resource to new bloggers, so please let us know if you have questions along the way. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the breakdown! I think it’s great you talked about the hourly rate, something I think people overlook. Really motivational to get my own blog moving!

    • Rachel says

      Great! So glad this was helpful!

  4. Polly and Rachel, thank you for being so honest and sharing your numbers. It’s always encouraging to see how mommies are successful working a blog. I made my first few dollars from my blog through my family, through an affiliate sale they wanted. It was what encouraged me to work harder on my blog daily! Thank you for the honesty.

  5. Tim says

    Thanks for sharing, I thought of putting up a blog for a while. What is blogher?
    And how does it pay you?
    I built mine on Wix.

    • Rachel says

      It’s an Ad network. They have changed their name to SheKnows.