40 Reasons To Go the Full 40

In hopes of encouraging me to endure these last few weeks of pregnancy, my RN mother forwarded me these resources from the OB Nurse manager at the hospital she works at. Hope they can help any other uncomfortable pregnant mamas out there to hang in there! Download a printable version of this document here: FULL 40 WEEKS


Here is one more visual that is helpful!

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.04.06 PM

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  1. Holli says

    I love this post, its a great reminder of why being inside as long as possible is good for babies. I love the book, Prenatal Parenting: The complete Psychological and Spiritual Guide to Loving Your Unborn Child. By Frederick Wirth M.D. This book is written by a doc who spent 26 years rescuing premature babies. This book comes out of his experience in seeing that the US and EU were dealing with the questions of premature babies from asking two totally different questions. Here we were asking, “How do we improve technology to keep babies alive at earlier and earlier ages?” And in EU they were asking, “How do we keep babies inside mothers longer?” This is such a good read about how to connect with baby before he is even born. Its also fascinating to learn about how connected an unborn baby is to the outside world and his mothers environment (both good and bad).

  2. Michelle says

    I was not fortunate enough to do a lot listed. My twins were born 2 months early, had to have a C-section and ended up in NICU for 19 days, being pumped full of anti-biotics and other stuff :(. If you can go full term, do it, now my kiddos face developmental problems and stuff (ADHD)

    • Polly says

      You know, I did hesitate to post this because most people who don’t “go the full 40” are like you- it wasn’t really a choice. Especially when you’re having twins! I’m sure you did the best you could and the rest comes down to trusting God’s timing. He is the giver of life and knows the number of our days and sometimes those days start earlier than expected! Thanks for your comment and good luck.

      • Michelle says

        Oh thank you for responding. I know sometimes when can decide to deliver a few weeks early and I just wanted to point out that I would have rather went 40 weeks than 32. Even though my kids have some obstacles to overcome, they have been EXTREMELY resilient in their early life. <3