5 GREAT Road Trip Activities for Kids (Cheap Ideas too!)

5 (cheap) road trip activities that my kids loved! Great ideas to stock up on for any long drives you have in your future. As I mentioned in a previous post, my family just returned from a trip to Florida. From mid-Missouri, the trip takes around 16 hours, depending on how quick your stops are. We had initially planned to stay in a hotel half way there but since our kids, four and six year olds, (my 1 year old was flying with the grandparents) were doing so well, we just drove right past it and got to the beach that night.


A successful road trip with little people doesn’t just happen by accident. In fact, I have been stocking up on road trip activities for weeks. Since you may have a road trip in your future, here are the top 5 car activities that helped make our road trip a success:

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Water Wow

Both of my kiddos love these Water Wow cards. The “pens” are filled with a little water that is painted on the cards revealing a hidden picture. They only use a little bit of water and aren’t messy at all. The cards dry after a few minutes and then can be painted all over again. A huge hit!

Hidden Picture Books

Man, these things have been around for AGES, haven’t they!? I used to love the hidden picture pages found in the Highlights magazines. This is an entire book of hidden pictures!! I love these because almost any age can participate.


Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

These are the bomb. My 6 year old girl particularly enjoyed the princess version. They can be used over and over again. My one tip is to try to keep them a tad organized. Don’t just let them take all the stickers off at once. Keep the right stickers with the right scene and the kiddos will enjoy them more.

100 Things for Little Children to Do on a Trip

This was perfect for my 6 year old daughter. The reusable cards provide an activity on each side that is a quick an fun activity for little hands.

On-the-Go Scratch Art Color Reveal Activity Pad


This was by far my son’s favorite activity while on our road trip. They have both girl and boy versions available. While each page can only be done once, it takes them quite a long time to get a whole page colored. Using this wooden “pencil,” kiddos scratch away a top layer to reveal a colorful picture underneath. Older kids would enjoy creating their own patterns while younger kids enjoy the task of revealing something underneath.

Bonus Idea: Big Book of Drawing and Doodling 

If you have a kiddo who likes to color, draw or doodle, they will LOVE this book. I’ll be honest. I love this book. Even more than adult coloring books. It’s MASSIVE and has so many creative pages to color, draw on, design, and just use your creativity. My daughter and I have had a great time together with this book.

Hope this little roundup helps you out with any future road trips. Happy travels!

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