6 Rugs from Amazon I’m Loving

By Polly Conner
August 19, 2019

I love how much a great rug can change the look and feel of a space. I recently updated all of the rugs on our living space and wanted to share with you 6 affordable rugs from Amazon I’m loving!

6 Amazon rugs

Since all of these rugs are on the same floor, I wanted them to have a cohesive feel but not be too matchy-matchy. I am someone who is drawn to color and found that these have a great balance of bringing some vibrancy to a room but not overpowering it.

I’ve had these rugs in my home for a few months now and am super impressed by the quality. We have three young kids, two dogs, and a lot of people in and out of our home. I have yet to see any wear and tear on these rugs.

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Entry Way Rug: nuLOOM Persian Vintage Raylene Area Rug, Blue

The first rug you see when you walk through our door is this beauty. It’s a 3×5 sized rug and is perfect for the entry. With all of the kids, dogs, and foot traffic, we need an entry rug that is forgiving! The pattern and color in this one were just the trick.

Entry way rug
Entry way rug

Office: nuLOOM Persian Vintage Raylene Area Rug, Blue

I liked this rug so much that I got the same one in a different size for my office! Here is the 5′ x 7’5″ sized version of it. Isn’t she pretty!?

Office rug

Kitchen Runner: Safavieh Monaco Collection, Light Blue/Fuchia

I wanted a runner for my kitchen so chose a 2’2″ x 10′ sized one. I had to use a little rug tape underneath to keep it in place, but I love having it centered in our cooking area.

kitchen runner
Kitchen rug

Living Space: Safavieh Rug, Cream/Multicolored

This is the rug that I fretted the most about. Since it covers the majority of our living space, I had to LOVE it. It also needed to hold up to lots of feet, wrestling matches, spills, jumping, and lots of foot traffic.

So far, I can confidently say it has done all of these. I LOVE it. The colors were perfect for my space. The pattern hides small stains or blemishes which are sure to happen in a home with kids. It’s been a great choice for us.

Living room rug

This one is 10′ x 14′ which felt huge at first, but it was the right size for our living space.

Living space rug
Living room rug from Amazon

Mudroom: nuLOOM Handbraided Bohemian Colorful Cotton Rug

This one is for my mudroom so I picked a fun, bold color. It’s held up well with all of the traffic it’s gotten and I just love it! This is the 2×3 sized rug.

Mudroom rug from Amazon

Back Door Entry: nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug, Dark Grey

Since this one was pretty close to the main living space rug, I didn’t want it to be too busy. I did find that the rug is lighter than it appears in the pictures on Amazon but it still worked well for me. This is the 2×3 size.

Grey Rug from Amazon

Bathroom: nuLOOM Vintage Persian Perona

To warm up our guest bathroom, I wanted to put one in there, as well. To go with the blue walls, I picked this lovely little gal. It’s 2×3 and has been a great choice for the bathroom.

Bathroom rug from Amazon
bathroom rug from Amazon

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3 replies
  1. Katyee says:

    I’m loving the large living space rug. With a soon to be on the move 4.5 month old I was wondering if it was pretty soft for a kiddo? Also, how does it do if something gets spilled on it? We also have a 3.5 and 5 year old.

  2. Katyee says:

    I’m seriously considering the living space rug that you bought off of Amazon and had a couple questions. How soft is it? We have a 4.5 month old who will be on the move soon. Have you had any issues with it if something spills on it and it gets wet?

    • Polly says:

      It’s not soft and squishy by any means but it is softer than our worn down carpet. For sure soft enough for a kiddo to crawl around on! The pattern also is very forgiving. We’ve already had some spills and you can’t tell. 🙂