Advice From a Realtor: Seven Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

By Polly Conner


We’re excited to have our friend and experienced realtor, Kim Schwartz, guest posting for us today. Kim has proven to be a valuable resource to myself, Rachel, and lots of our friends in not only finding or selling a home but also in home maintenance, updating, and advice. She is passionate about her work and  excellent at what she does. I really trust Kim’s advice and hope her wisdom helps you in the future!

Thinking about selling your home in the near future? Whether you are buying or selling your home, it should be a memorable and pleasant experience. I’d love to share with you some helpful steps that will make the selling process go smoothly and (hopefully) result in a quick and successful sale!

Important Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

Before You Sell Your home

1.  Make sure you can afford to sell your house.  Make sure that if you get close to your asking price, you will be ok with the check you go home with. Is it enough for a down payment on a future home? Is it worth it to stay in your home for a few more years and pay off a little more of your mortgage? Before you get too far into selling your home, make sure you evaluate your financial situation and needs. An agent should be able to help you if you don’t know where to get started with this.

2. Call your listing agent first before you do anything to your home to prepare it to sell.  I have clients who make lots of changes and then call me after they have spent money in all the wrong places. An experienced realtor should be able to guide you in making the right decisions on where to spend money on updates in your home that will help you sell it. It’s a shame to waste your money on updates that won’t add value to a home or that buyers don’t care about. Ask for advice!

3.  Once you have made the improvements an agent has suggested, make sure to have the agent come back to preview the changes. An agent will be able to identify anything else that needs to be done and if it is ready for pictures. They will also have suggestions of things to include or exclude in the pictures you will take.

 4.  Price your house to sell or don’t list it.  An overpriced listing just sits and never works out well for the seller. If a house is on the market for a while and doesn’t get any offers, buyers will make low offers because they think you must be ready to get rid of it. An experienced realtor who knows the market of your area should be able to give you a good idea of how much a good selling price will be. You need to take into account what your home appraises for at the time you are selling as well as how much the homes are selling for in your area. I hate to see someone hang on to their unrealistic asking price when buyers simply won’t pay that much.

5.  Well staged and well priced homes sell first and fast! Have a plan and be ready to move BEFORE you list your home. It can be quite a stressful situation if your home sells before you have a place to move your family and belongings.

6.  If you’re going to make major changes, concentrate on flooring. Buyers tend to prefer solid surfaces. Lots of different types of flooring turns buyers off so be consistent. Evaluate your home’s floors and make changes if necessary.

7. Kitchens are King.  Bathrooms should shine.  Closets should be clean and organized.  Remove clutter from the entire house. Pack up your personal pictures.

These are just a few things to think about before selling your home. Like I said before, an agent will talk you through these things and more and hopefully help you have a positive experience in selling your home!

Thanks for your helpful advice, Kim!

Feel free to stop by Kim’s website for more information!


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