An Eggcellent Easter Decorating Idea

I love repurposing things. In this little holiday decorating project, I repurposed these paint chips into…

…an Easter garland!

This project cost next to nothing (except for a few strange looks you may get by stocking up on so many different paint chips).  It could be a great craft idea to do with your kiddos too.

Want to make your own?

First, make your own egg stencil.

I just eyeballed mine and cut it out on Cardstock paper so it could be traced around easily.

Now, get to tracing! I actually picked up two of each paint chip card. This is because there are three colors on each so I cut out an egg from the top half and then from the bottom half on the identical paint chip. This allows for more of a rainbow-cohesive look.

I then hole punched each one to make room for the ribbon to slide through.

Using some “kraft ribbon” that can be found in the gift wrapping section, I weaved a long string of it through my punched holes. Once all the eggs were on there, I spaced them out accordingly.

Since the garland was so light, I was able to hang it on my mantle by using three thumbtacks. Easy Peasy.

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