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  • How to Make Your Own Window Cornice

    How to Make Your Own Window Cornice

    I really like the simple look of window cornices. They are clean, fresh, and from what I discovered, easy to make! I was also pleasantly surprised at how cheap the supplies for this turned out to be. AND it doesn’t involve any sewing. Do I have your attention?? Here’s how

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  • More Pumpkin Recipes

    More Pumpkin Recipes

    Yesterday I reposted the most popular recipe on my blog called Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. Since it’s fall in all it’s glory and Halloween is around the corner, I thought I’d refer you to a few other pumpkin recipes here on Healthy Refuge. 1) Tropical and Pumpkin Smoothie 2) Whole

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  • Menu Plan: October 16-22

    Menu Plan: October 16-22

    It’s high time to get my menu planning in gear again.  Hopefully, the recipes below give you a few ideas, too. Dinner Plans: Monday: cheese and bean quesadillas, salad, apple slices Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan (recipe to come), Rhodes 100% Whole Wheat Bread, spinach salad, mango Wednesday: Baked Dijon Wild Salmon,

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  • Mini Crab Cakes Recipe {Freezer Meal}

    If I had to pinpoint one favorite food, it might well be crab legs. A few years ago, when I was on staff with my church, my best friend and I took several high school girls to Charleston for Spring Break.  Those girls were far more sophisticated and mature than

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  • Oven Fries Recipe

    Oven Fries with a Secret Ingredient

    Oven Fries are one of our favorite side dishes. The secret ingredient in this oven fry recipe is a bit of sugar!  It really makes a difference in taste.  I serve these alongside things like Mini Chicken Burgers with Herbs, Super Sloppy Joes, and Mini Freezable Crab Cakes.  

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  • This Might Be My Favorite Morning Prayer

    This Might Be My Favorite Morning Prayer

    The prayer below is something I’ve returned to for years now.  It’s from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions or from this website that has some of those Puritan prayers listed.  My favorite line has to be the last one: “May I speak each word

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  • Pumpkin Apple Cider

    Pumpkin Apple Cider

    Here’s a healthy spin on a fall favorite.  I tweaked this recipe in EveryDay with Racheal Ray magazine, opting out of the alcohol since it was for my kids.  We loved it, plus it’s a great way to sneak in a vegetable.  It tasted like a pumpkin muffin in a

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  • Holy Chocomole!

    Who doesn’t love some chocolate pudding every now and then?  But, every time I read the labels on the pudding packs at the store, I cringe.  That’s why I was intrigued by Katie Kimball’s idea at Kitchen Stewardship called Chocomole. You are not going to believe this, but it’s true. 

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  • Whole Grain Pancake Mix

    Homemade Whole Grain Pancake Mix {Freezer Meal}

    Our family loves pancakes, like Seriously Sweet Potato Pancakes and Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes.  But, sometimes I don’t have time to make those and I just want a quick dry mix on hand.  Unfortunately, the pancake mixes at the grocery store have a ton of unrecognizable and highly processed ingredients.

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  • Fake-Out Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches {Freezer Meal}

    This Starbucks sandwich is our entire family’s favorite fast food breakfast sandwich! For almost $4 you can grab this rather tasty breakfast sandwich with no additives or preservatives from Starbucks. Or you can make, freeze, and reheat your own homemade Starbucks fake-out at home each morning for about $1.00 per sandwich. My homemade Starbucks

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  • Bring Him Unto Me

    Bring Him Unto Me

    This Morning’s Meditation by C. H. Spurgeon  “Bring him unto me.”—Mark 9:19. DESPAIRINGLY the poor disappointed father turned away from the disciples to their Master. His son was in the worst possible condition, and all means had failed, but the miserable child was soon delivered from the evil one when

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  • Losing That Baby Weight: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    Losing That Baby Weight: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    In labor with baby #1 in January 2007.  I was smiling because I FINALLY got to go to the hospital after three days of laboring at home. Mid-contraction with baby girl in October 2008.  A much, much, much easier birth than Jack’s. Here’s comes #3 in October 2010.  My water

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  • sangria recipe

    Meet My Mom and Her Sangria Recipe

    Meet my mom.  She’s a cross between the Pioneer Woman and Alton Brown.  With a garden and yard full of about 35 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and nuts and a “nothing goes to waste” mentality, mom comes up with the most creative food concoctions.  Get this.  Not only does she

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  • chocolate sweet potato banana bread recipe

    Chocolate Sweet Potato Banana Bread {Freezer Meal}

    I had leftover pureed sweet potato and several overripe bananas in the freezer to use up.  This bread was the result.  It’s similar to my Banana Pumpkin Muffins but with some added cocoa.  I love using cocoa powder in recipes like this because a) it adds chocolate-y decadence without the

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  • Garden Fresh Tabbouleh Salad is a great way to use up veggies and eat on a delicious bowl of healthy goodness all week long!

    Garden Fresh Tabbouleh Salad

    A friend and I have lately been lamenting/joking about how having kids has stolen some of our IQ. I wouldn’t have it any other way, of course. But with all the antioxidants in this Tabbouleh Salad I had for lunch, I’m hoping what functioning neurons are left might be sharpened! There

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  • Baked Egg Cups

    Baked Egg Cups {Freezer Meal}

      Baked Egg Cups might just blow your mind. I’m not using hyperbole when I say I did find one of the easiest breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes for kids ever today. Baked Egg Cups require the following ingredients: cooking spray muffin tin ham (I used hash browns instead for

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  • Ham and Bean Soup Recipe

    Ham and Bean Soup–Cheap, Hearty and Healthy!

    Although it’s hot and humid in these parts, I decided to make ham and bean soup tonight.  How could I refuse my 4-year-old who requested beans for dinner? Plus, did you know beans are considered a “superfood” now because of all their health benefits? This Ham and Bean Soup turned

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  • Homemade Disinfectant Recipe

    In an attempt to reduce toxins in our homes and save money, we’ve  become official wannabe hippie pioneer women.  Well, at least I like to think I am.  Polly, have you been converted yet? Below is my homemade disinfectant recipe, which I found here.  I use this on my kitchen

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  • Book Review: Spiritual Parenting

    Book Review: Spiritual Parenting

    Dear Dads and Moms: If you pick up one parenting book this year, might I suggest Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today’s Families?  I’ve been reading and rereading it this past year and am consistently encouraged, convicted, and challenged as a parent as a result. This book has also influenced

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  • Zucchini Succotash

    Ever notice how vegetables like zucchini are either feast or famine? This month the zucchini feast is on.  Check out my mom’s garden where I inherit much of the fruit of her vines.  I did not, however, inherit her green thumb. Isn’t she amazing? Now, back to zucchini.  What do

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