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  • Simple Learning Activity: Sorting in an Egg Carton

    Simple Learning Activity: Sorting in an Egg Carton

    I’m a teacher by training, a former children’s ministry director, and a current mom of three.  Like many of you, I understand the importance of and enjoy the teaching of my 2 and 4-year-olds. Am I alone in saying, though, that I disdain complicated activities that require a lot of

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  • A Quick Morning Prayer

    A Quick Morning Prayer

    This isn’t an extremely profound thought, but it’s a good reminder for me that I thought I’d share.  (You see, I have this habit of forgetting good things if I don’t write about them, share them with others, and then re-read them again.  A blog is handy in that way.)

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  • Yummy Fish Sticks {Freezer Meal}

    No, I’m not dead.  Just pregnant with Baby #3 and coming off a few months of feeling sick, exhausted, and nauseated at just about any smell in the kitchen.  So, the idea of writing a food blog has been the last thing on my mind, unfortunately.  Although I’m not feeling

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  • Banana Brownie Waffle Recipe {Freezer Meal}

    This morning I made Banana Brownie Waffles for my kids and me and they were delicious!  The healthy parts:  low in sugar, low in fat, some whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and banana.  It probably took me 10 minutes to make the batter, which was also a perk. I topped

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  • Powerball Cookies: A Make Ahead Snack

    Need a great make-ahead, freezer-friendly snack? What about an easy breakfast idea? One that is healthy and great for feeding big families or large groups? Look no further…Powerball Cookies to the rescue! I have been making these Powerball Cookies for years now. I love to double batch them and stick

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  • easy breakfast casserole muffins

    Easy Breakfast Casserole Muffins {Freezer Meal}

    Looking for an easy breakfast idea? We love this easy Breakfast Casserole Muffin recipe. It’s made with simple ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen. These make a fabulous, freezer friendly breakfast. For sure worth a try! (Looking for healthy freezer meal recipes? We have 70+ of our favorites

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  • Chicken, Brown Rice, & Veggie Casserole

    Chicken, Brown Rice, and Veggie Casserole {Freezer Meal}

    Update on 8/5/14: I retested this recipe, simplified the instructions, and added more liquid to the original recipe. It’s pretty close to perfect if you ask me and my family. But feel free to tweak as you like or offer suggestions in the comments portion. I was looking for a

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  • Whole Grain Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Seriously Sweet Potato Pancakes {Freezer Meal}

      These Sweet Potato Pancakes are whole grain pancake perfection, if you ask me (well, it’s hard to beat these Pumpkin Pancakes). Plus, you might know my affinity for sneaking veggies in to my kids’ favorites. So win-win pancake recipe here. In fact, I tripled the batch for dinner tonight,

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  • Cold Weather, Crazy Kids

    Cold Weather, Crazy Kids

    Although the sun peaked through today and the temp actually got up to 51 degrees, the past few weeks have been cold, snowy, wet, gray and just plain miserable!  As you may know, cold weather means completely insane little kids (and parents!).  So, what do you do with your children

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