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From Freezer to Cooker GIVEAWAY

We’ve been waiting for this day for a LONG time! From Freezer to Cooker is finally on the shelves and we want to celebrate! About From Freezer to Cooker This cookbook is truly a one-of-a-kind resource that is a must have if you use a slow cooker, Instant Pot or freezer meals. Each recipe in […]

How to Get Yellow Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes

Looking for a way to get yellow stains out of baby clothes after storage? I’ve stumbled on the PERFECT solution! Read on to learn how to save those baby clothes! (Tip- be sure to read the comments too! People have offered some great tips there as well.) A rumbling-tumbling-jumping belly, achy back, out of breath…all […]

How to Turn Pancake Mix Into Waffle Mix

One of the most common recipes that I use from our recipe index is our Oatmeal Pancake Mix recipe. Ever since I stumbled on this recipe a few years ago, I haven’t used any other pancake mix. My family loves it. I love it too. Not only does it have a hearty flavor and texture, […]

15 Books That Share the REAL Meaning of Christmas

“In a culture that uses this season to get children to dream about how their lives would be made better by possessing a certain material thing, where Christmas has been reduced to a shopper’s nightmare and a retailer’s dream, it is vital to draw the wonder of our children away from the next great toy and […]

Top 3 Gifts for Teachers

After checking out these gift ideas for teachers, be sure to browse through our Holiday Gift Guide for all the other people you love in your life! As we started to put this gift guide together, we quickly realized that we HAD NO IDEA WHAT TEACHERS WANTED! So, instead of making guesses at what they […]

Gift Guide: Moms

As a mom, I could spout off a list of gift ideas for everyone in my family. However, when someone asks me what I want, I draw a blank! Relate? I’ve also learned that if I don’t provide some ideas, I end up with…well…hmmm…It’s the thought that counts, right?!  Fear not, dear mama. We have […]

Gift Guide: Tween Boys

Tween boy–roughly the ages of 9-12–is the age of maturing kid and not yet teen. Two of my sons fall in this range, so they helped me quite a bit with this list. We tried to think of a high quality gift for all of kinds of boys. Whether your tween likes the outdoors, sports, […]

Gift Guide: Girls Ages 5-9

This gift guide is geared towards the elementary-aged girl. We believe children inherently have amazing imaginations and that the right toys can fan that flame. We’ve tried to provide gift ideas that we’ve used in our own homes and that can help girls be imaginative and grow as a whole person. Note: If you bookmark […]

Gift Guide: Boys Ages 3-5

Out of all of our gift guides, I found this one was the easiest to put together. Young boys aren’t too hard to please and since I have two of them, with the help of my friends, we put together a killer list of ideas. Similar to our Girls 3-5 Year Old Gift Guide, most […]

Gift Guide: Girls Ages 3-5

Having just had a girl just in this stage, I had so much fun putting together these ideas! Every gift on this gift guide for 3-5 year-old girls is something we used ourselves or came highly recommended from a friend. You might also want to check out the Boys Ages 3-5 Gift Guide coming out […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Ages 0-2

With three kids apiece, we’ve been through our share of toys. The last thing we’d want is for you to waste your money and have more stuff that your kids won’t use. With the help of some mama friends, we’ve pulled together the best of the best ideas for you in this gift guide for […]

Hearty Baked Penne Pasta {Freezer Meal}

Delicious dinner recipe? Check. Freezer friendly? Check. Makes a lot of leftovers? Check. Approved by all ages in the family? Check. Feeds a large group of people? Check. Easy to make? Check! Affiliate Disclosure:  Posts may contain affiliate links. I’ve been making this Baked Penne Pasta Recipe for a while now. It’s finally time for […]

31 Easy Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Looking for easy Halloween craft ideas? This round up of Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers has loads of ideas that you can do at home or in a school setting. Great craft ideas for Halloween class parties too! Scrap Paper Candy Corn Marshmallow Pumpkin   Puffy Ghost Monster Cups  Witch Halloween Countdown Handprint Spiders Styrofoam Cup […]