Ball Toss Game: Learning to Add by 10s

By Rachel Tiemeyer
February 18, 2015

ball toss game

Anybody remember The Bozo Show? I think I just dated myself…big time. But, that’s where this ball toss game idea originally came from.

My kids, ranging in age from 4-8, love this game on rainy or cold days. As they play, they are learning to count by 10s. Even my 4-year-old began to get the hang of it. Here’s what to do for this Ball Toss Game…

Ball Toss Game Directions

1) Prep: Line up various pots or big bowls in a line. Gather various balls from around the house for tossing. Then, use a piece of masking tape to mark off the line to stand at (we had different lines for different ages of kids).

ball toss learning game

2) Play: Take turns tossing all the balls. We used about 8 balls for each person’s turn. Play as many rounds as you like, but we usually played 5 rounds before tallying the final score.

ball toss counting game

3) Scoring: After the player’s turn, tally up his/her score for that round. Then, at the end of all the rounds, work together to add up each person’s final score. We used our little magnetic white board to add up the scores. The scoring provides a great opportunity to teach the kids how to count by 10s.

ball toss game

If you like these sorts of fun learning games, here are a few others we use around our house.

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