Birthday Onesie: A Silhouette Project

Here is just another example of what the Silhouette Machine can make.

We just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. I whipped up a special outfit for the event. Here is the front:

Birthday Onesie

…and here is the back.

There is a lot of truth to this. Hehe.

I love that with the Silhouette machine I can customize almost anything now. Here are a few other Silhouette Projects I’ve done in the past few months. Check them out!

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  1. Lynette says

    My hubby and I LOVE this and WANT this!!!

  2. Sara says

    I loved the outfit, Polly! That would make a fantastic and personalized gift for any babe’s first year. Thanks for sharing details. So crafty!

    • Polly says

      Thanks! Wish you could have been here for it!