Blessings Too Big by Toby Sumpter

By Polly Conner

On the tough days of motherhood I simply can’t understand why God says children are a “blessing.” I feel like I’m missing something OR he has given the “blessed” kids to someone else.

Well, I read this blog post today on this topic over at Desiring God and thought it was for sure worth sharing.

Here are a few lines to give you an idea of what it is about. It’s for sure worth the read!

“When God said that children were a blessing, he wasn’t kidding (Psalm 127:3). I’ve got blessings doing cartwheels in my living room and blessings smeared on my kitchen nook windows.”

“It’s easy to think that blessing is all butterflies and sunsets. Children are blessings when they keep their outfits clean, obey cheerfully, and say cute things. But blessing isn’t a simple, paint-by-numbers kit. Without challenges, life would leave all of us (our kids included) a bunch of stunted, simplistic fools. So God in his great love sends us problems, trials, afflictions, and a pack of wild monkeys affectionately known as our children.”

“When that old dragon of sin rears up in the hearts of your children, do you think something has gone terribly wrong? Remember, God sends his favorite sons into battle with the dragon. He wants you to fight and get the victory. He wants you to get the blessing, renewed fellowship, the grace of forgiveness.”

You can read the post in it’s entirety over at Desiring God: Blessings Too Big.

Hope you find it as encouraging as I have this morning.


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