Blogging Basics: A week-long series to inspire and equip moms to start a blog for profit.

Blogging Basics: Have You Ever Dreamed of Starting a Blog (and Earning Income from It)?

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Blogging Basics: Have you ever dreamed of starting a blog? -- A week-long series to motivate and equip you to start earning income from blogging.Have you ever dreamed about starting your own blog? And maybe even earning some extra income from it?

Polly and I sure did three years ago. And now, here we are today, both earning a part-time income from one blog that continues to grow. This little “labor of love”, as we call Thriving Home, helps provide extra financial income and allows us the flexibility to stay home with our children, among other advantages.

But how do you even start a blog with the potential for earning profit? For that matter, how on earth does a blog even make money!? Is it really worth the time and investment? These were the questions we feverishly researched back in the fall of 2011 before launching Thriving Home. And, now, we’re starting to have friends and readers ask us the very same questions.

Since that time three years ago, we’ve alternately stumbled, sprinted, shuffled, and hiccuped along a path that I might equate to drinking from a fire hydrant. And it’s honestly been amazing. We wouldn’t trade the experience or this one-of-a-kind job for anything.

So this week on Thriving Home we’re sharing a series of posts dedicated to anyone who has ever thought about what it might take to start a blog. It’s dedicated to anyone who wants to take a risk…that may result in an amazing journey…that may result in impacting others…that may result in a flexible income source.

The goal of Blogging Basics, as we’ve dubbed this week-long series, is to inspire and equip moms (and anyone else!) to take a bold first step toward starting their own blog for profit. We’ll address these common questions:

Be sure to comment and leave us questions along the way. We’d love to be a resource and encouragement for you if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

P.S. In the meantime, swing by our Blogging Resources page to find out what we use and love when it comes to our site.

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9 replies
  1. Kayleighanne says:

    Will you ever be doing shoutouts? My blog is new, and it’s for aspiring/new/young authors or just authors who struggle with inspiration. I’ll be posting once a week. You can check out the link below 🙂 anything you can do to get me more views would be appreciated 🙂

    God bless!

  2. Carly says:

    My sister uses your site for recipes and saw your blogging series and signed me up. I have a small blog starting…have not shared it with really anyone other than on an instagram link of which I have very few followers. I am starting to read your information. Thank you!! It’s great you are sharing your blogging knowledge. I am very excited. Thanks!

  3. Angela Baldwin says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for posting s blog about how to start a blog. I am thinking of starting my own blog and am doing a bit of research before I dive into the blogosphere. I found your post to be easy to follow and most helpful in helping me make my decision. I will take your advice by using Bluehost and I will get started right away. I know there will be bit of a learning curve along the way, but it will be fun and my blog will be better for it. Thanks again for all of the good advice and helpful tips.

  4. Hannah says:

    I have dreamed of publishing my story someday, but life doesn’t slow down enough as a mom, so my therapeutic ramblings on my blog seems to be as far as I will get until my nest is empty, which I hope is never!! It would be incredible, as well as a big blessing to my family to make a business out of my blog! I am excited to learn about this!

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Hannah! We’re super excited to help bloggers just like you. Let us know if you have questions along the way. I checked out your blog and you have quite a story to tell. There are so many parents out there who can benefit from what God is doing in your family’s life and what you’re learning!

    • Rachel says:

      Oh Rebekah, you have an amazing site and are a really talented writer. I definitely think your blog could work as a business, as well. Let us know what questions you have or how we can help along the way.