Caprese Salad: A Quick & Easy Summer Side

Caprese Salad - A quick and easy summer side to help use up all those delicious garden tomatoes.

People think I’m a gardener because I have a garden and somehow miraculously have enough produce to give away to my neighbors. But, the truth is: My mom is the gardener who set me up for success, and my 9-year-old son is the gardener who has kept our little plot thriving all summer long.


My dad built my 6×10 box garden and my mom helped me fill it with plant starts (she started for me) and seeds. #spoiled

Now that it’s early August, I have tomatoes coming out my ears, eyes, and nose. Apparently they liked our sunny backyard. In fact, my first one came in late June! Wasn’t she a beaut?


Then, there’s the “problem” of my potted basil plant. It too has been the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve made several rounds of this delicious Pesto and frozen what we can’t use right away. Don’t get my wrong, I LOVE pesto but I also like variety. So…the question this summer has regularly been, what am I going to do with all this abundance of tomatoes and basil?

One great answer: The Caprese Salad! It’s a quick and easy summer side dish that is bursting with flavor! If you haven’t made it before, I jotted down the simple recipe. There isn’t much to it and you’ll have to be the judge of how much seasoning and dressing you add.

Enjoy the best of what summer has to offer with this fresh summer salad!

Caprese Salad - A quick and easy summer side to help use up all those delicious garden tomatoes.

Caprese Salad

  • Author: Thriving Home


This quick and easy summer side dish is a perfect way to use up all those tomatoes and basil from the garden.


  • Tomato slices
  • Optional: fresh Mozzarella slices
  • salt and pepper
  • Basil leaves, cut into thin strips (aka, chiffonade)
  • Balsamic vinegar (choose a good quality one)
  • Extra Virgin olive oil


  1. Layer tomato slices on a plate. Optional: You can also layer in thick slices of fresh mozzarella cheese between the tomatoes, which is delicious but not necessary.
  2. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  3. Top with basil.
  4. Sprinkle balsamic vinegar and olive oil over the top. Enjoy!



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