Carpet Remnant = Money Saver!

This room in our house is currently the multipurpose room.

It primarily serves as an office but will soon be transformed into a playroom. However, a playroom with hardwood floors is not very fun for babies learning to crawl and walk. I looked into getting a rug around 10×12 feet big and was floored by the cost of one. (No pun intended… ok, so maybe it was intended.) Anyway, I wasn’t about to shell out $500+ bucks for a rug. No way, Jose.

After gabbing on the phone with my mom about my floor dilemma, she suggested looking into getting a carpet remnant for the spot. Huh- hadn’t thought of that.

A few days later, I headed out to Stovers Carpet to check out the stock. I was floored (hehe) by the massive amount of remnants they had available!

After some major hunting, I found one that was 8×10 feet for close to $100.00. Score! There was an additional charge of $40 for binding up the edges so that it wouldn’t fray. This was optional but since my little lady wants to put anything and everything in her mouth right now, I didn’t think loose carpet pieces would be a good idea.

What’s even better is that my parents bought it for us as a Christmas present! Double Score!

So a few days later, this guy showed up at our house. It has cozied up the room so much.

We also installed these gates to 1) keep the dogs off our new rug and 2) to keep the child corralled when she starts moving around.

OK so maybe #1 isn’t fully implemented yet.

But we are oh-so-happy with our cozy playroom in the making.


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