Pictures of the best children's bibles recommended by age level

Best Children's Bibles For Kids of All Ages

Recommendations from a seasoned Children's Ministry Director of the best children's bibles for every age (and how to avoid all the bad ones).

15 Meaningful Easter Books

Easter is such a happy holiday. Bunnies. Egg hunts. Special Easter Sunday dresses (and an excuse to put little boys in vests or ties). Easter brunch with the family. Fun candies.…

7 Tips for Praying with Your Kids at Bedtime

 by Nathan Tiemeyer, Pastor at The Crossing (and Rachel's husband). This post was first published on Every Square Inch. Many of us probably think it’s a good idea, at least in theory, to pray with…

3 Devotional Books for Elementary Kids We Are Loving

If I get one thing right as a's not to get them the right education. It's not to make sure they play the right sports. It's not to help them avoid pain at all cost. And it's not even to…
Jesus' Birthday Cake

A Birthday Party for Jesus on Christmas Night

When the gift opening frenzy is over, all toys have been played with, and everyone has sufficiently stuffed themselves on Christmas dinner..there's still one more Christmas tradition my children can't…
How We Use Our 5 Minute Ride to School

How We Use Our 5 Minute Drive to School (+7 Devotional Resources for the Car)

Every Monday through Friday my husband or I load our three kids, ages 6, 8, and 9, into our gray Honda Odyssey (along with every other middle-aged, suburban parent, right?) at 7:20 a.m. to head to school. Our…
This well-done, biblical devotional book is perfect for families with elementary and teenage children. Parents will find it easy to use all year round.

Book Review of "One Year of Dinner Table Devotions"

Do you know what one extensive study shows to be the three crucial factors in teenagers retaining their faith through high school and beyond? The first and second of those three factors…

10 Ways to Cultivate Grateful Hearts in Your Kids

Cultivating gratefulness and fighting against entitlement is a constant battle in our hearts and in our home. Here are 10 ways we're trying to help our kids be more thankful and content with what they…
5 Devotional Books Our Family is Loving

5 Devotional Books Our Family Is Loving

There are so many things my husband, Nathan, and I find ourselves regretting that we do or say as parents. But, one that I'm fairly confident we will not regret is taking the time to read to our…

"Good News of Great Joy!" Family Christmas Devotional (Only $4.99!)

What story will most capture your child’s heart this holiday season? Children begin to form their understanding of what Christmas is about from very early on. The only real question is who or what will…

Apple Butter Weekend: A Family Tradition

Ever made 150 pints of apple butter at once? Sounds crazy but my family does it every year. "Apple Butter Weekend" has been happening every October for as long as I can remember. It's always something…

What to Expect When Transitioning from One Kid to Two

First of all, I think this post's title is a bit misleading. Each family dynamic is different and there is no formula on what to expect when a major transition happens in your life. That being said,…

Calm. Fair. Firm.

I'm only two years into parenting but one thing I've learned quickly is our little ones get into funks. Every seasoned mom can testify to it and there is almost no way around it. Our kids get into funks…

Six Things I Planned to Do Differently with My Second Child: A Follow Up

About three months ago, I wrote a post about Six Things I Will Do Differently with My Second Child. Now, a little over two months after having my second, I am taking the time to evaluate these previous…
Help Child with Separation Anxiety

Five Tips to Help a Child's Separation Anxiety

Thanks so much to our friend, Jess, for guest posting today. After volunteering and working full time in children's ministry for years, Jess has a lot of wisdom to offer on this subject! Take it…

Lessons from The First Trimester

Well friends, I'm through the first trimester. Anyone who has been pregnant understands the small celebration that is going on in my head right now. Even though this pregnancy has treated me a bit…