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Mom Hack: The Problem of Legos

Mom Hack: Make Your Lego Problems Go Away

All moms of boys know the problem of Legos, eh? They breed and then migrate. That's my best guess for how they get under the refrigerator, next to the toilet, and in the van, among about 206 other locations. One…
safe way to show youtube videos

Mom Hack: Safest Way to Show Youtube Videos to Kids

Do you like to watch Youtube videos with your kids? Or are you a teacher in some capacity and show Youtube videos to children? If so, you may find this tip helpful that my friend, Christine, sent me. SafeShare.TV…
Put spinach in marinara sauce to add nutrition.

Mom Hack: Sneaky Spinach

Check out 50+ Ways to Sneak Fruits and Veggies in Kid Favorites for more ideas!