Confessions: Tomatoes, Little Dogs and the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Polly Conner

polly2Sometimes I get into blog mode and feel like I can only write about helpful things–things that someone will want to pin or share. Recipes, crafts, book reviews and kid ideas are all great. And, probably no one but our friends and family would know about Thriving Home if we didn’t have those. But I know when I read a blog, I enjoy really hearing from the person, even if it’s not necessarily pinnable.

In an effort to revitalize my dormant snarky writing style, I’m going to make an effort to share “confessions” every once in a while. It’s nothing profound. Just me sitting behind my computer screen during my children’s nap time blogging about some happenings in my life.

1. We have two HUGE tomato plants in my garden that have produced a ridiculous amount of cherry tomatoes. Total number of tomatoes I’ve eaten off of it: one. My husband: zero.

I wish I liked tomatoes. I really do. I just can’t get over the mushiness that squirts out in my mouth accompanied by the slimy seeds. The flavor reminds me too much of something slightly rotten or overcooked. We’ve given loads of tomatoes away to neighbors who are genuinely grateful.

Little do they know we are giving them away, because we have wasted our time nurturing and growing a vegetable plant that we don’t even like. To all the tomato eaters of the world, I salute you. Eat on, my friends.

chauncey2. My dog Chauncey almost had a small-dog snack the other day.

People, can I just make a public plea to put your dogs on leashes. Especially if they are small, yippy, and feel the need to prove something.

Yesterday I was on a run when we encountered a little chow nosing around his front yard. Like every small dog we seem to encounter, he felt the need to come raging at my large German Shephard mix dog, Chauncey. I mean really? How have little dogs survived the natural selection process?

Anyway, I found myself in the middle of a yippy fur ball and an unstable, slightly-aggressive large Chauncey trying to mediate. And by mediate I mean yelling, “Back! Back, dang you!” to the little dog. The owner eventually meandered out to reign in the furry nemesis but I was left with a bitterness towards small, aggressive dogs. Which is quite ironic because I have one of my own named Sophie. At least I have the common sense to keep her on a leash.

3. I’m pretty sure my spelling skills have been regressing exponentially since 5th grade.

The fact that I do almost all of my writing on a computer where my faithful friend, spell-check, follows me along and gives me gentle reminders when I have botched a word, doesn’t help the situation. It does for the sake of credibility as a blogger and writer. But the reality is when handed a pen, I grow quickly self-conscious that I’m spelling things wrong. The worst is when I have spelled something so wrong that even my faithful friend spell-check can’t help me out. Words that constantly get me tripped up: amateur, conscious, definitely, discipline, necessary and rhythm to name a few.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.34.40 PM4. I didn’t do the ice bucket challenge.

It’s a great cause. I love the fun way it’s raised awareness and brought people on board to give. It’s a genius idea. I love when a good cause goes viral. Seriously. But… I didn’t end up doing it. Cast your judgments. I can take it. Just know I give to other great organizations that don’t require people to dump water over their heads, all emerging with the same surprised expression.

I deny your nomination, sister of mine. (Seriously, that’s my sister who nominated me).

Glad so many of YOU have done it and overshadow the fact that I haven’t.


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2 replies
  1. Hickory Nut says:

    i find great comfort in your tomato confession. I was beginning to think i was the only one in the world who didn’t like them. you described them perfectly.

  2. Haylee says:

    I appreciate your last confession. I didn’t do it either and was starting to have an internal battle about it. Glad I read this when I did:) Cheers to staying dry and giving to other great causes!