Creative Storage Idea: Repurpose Old Diaper Boxes!

With a little one around, it seems like we cannot have enough boxes and bins around for all her stuff. That is why I love finding creative ways to create storage around our house. At our most recent Sam’s Club trip, I picked up some diapers that come in this large, cardboard box. (Even though we use cloth diapers, we still like to have a stash of disposables around.) I was about to throw out the box when I realized that this sturdy cardboard would be a great storage space. My creative juices got flowing and I ended up with this:

Decorated Diaper Box

Decorating this diaper box was so easy. All it takes is some fabric and some type of spray adhesive. 

Start by cutting off the flaps of your box. Using a box cutter worked great for me.

Diaper box

Now, measure the outside of your box so you know how much fabric to cut. After you get your measurements, add 4 inches to the height and 3 inches to the width. You’ll see why a little later. I had to bust out the math skills a bit to get my measurements. My notes make me laugh! Good luck understanding my train of thought.


With the Pampers diaper box that I got from Sam’s, my measurements for my fabric were 64.5 inches wide and 13 inches high. I didn’t have fabric this long so I had to cut two strips and sew them together to make such a long strip.

measuring fabric

My one year old daughter couldn’t help but join in on the fun I was having with the boxes and fabric. I imagine I could have gotten this craft project done a lot faster if her eager little hands weren’t all over everything I needed. I’m glad she was there to help though!

To adhere the fabric to the box, I simply sprayed the surface of one side of the box and smoothed the fabric over it. (I recommend doing this outside because of the fumes!) After one side is smoothed out and seems to be secured, flip your box to the next side and repeat the process. No need to wait until it is completely dry. As long as it stays in place, you are ready to move on.

spray adhesive

Here is how I did the corners on the bottom of the box:

1. Flatten out fabric to see how much excess you will have on the corner. Pinch it out.

2-3. Cut the excess fabric off.

4. Spray the adhesive on the box and smooth fabric out. Let dry.

Applying fabric to corners of box

I found that it took a little more work to get the fabric to fold over and stick on the bottom of my box. It still works, you will just need to hold it in place a little longer than you did for the sides. It needs a chance to dry a bit in order to hold the fabric in place.

Do the same thing for the inside of the box. Spray the cardboard, fold the fabric over, hold in place until the fabric is secured. Repeat on all sides. And yes, those are my toes.

inside of box

After the glue has dried, fill up your box! It can be great toy storage or a great storage space for books!

Use fabric to decorate cardboard box

Creative storage idea

I personally like using it as a book box. It is at a good height for my one year old. She can see all the books easily and is able to reach over and grab whatever one she wants. It could also be a great storage box for under the bed. There is so much potential! Keep those diaper boxes!

If you’re interested, here are a few other ideas of ways to recycle around your home. Also here is another example of a way I jazzed up some ordinary storage space in our home.

Hope you can make great use of some old diaper boxes in the future!

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  2. ajira says

    I’ve been meaning to do this for my kiddo. Now I’m thinking I may keep a stack of these ready to use when passing on clothes/toys etc that my kiddo has outgrown!

    • Rachel says

      Sweet idea! Isn’t it fun to repurpose and reuse something that typically goes in the trash?

  3. Erica Taylor says

    My daughter covered the boxes with coordinating colors/patterns of duct tape for her daughter to use for toy boxes.

  4. Shameka says

    Thank you soooo much for the idea. I have been saving my boxes since he was born(6 mos old now). I knew there was a purpose for them!

    • Rachel says

      Awesome! So glad you found this post helpful!

  5. Kathy says

    Very cool. For those stubborn bottom flaps, I think I would have added a little duct tape. This idea has lots of possibilities for colors and left over fabric. Love it!