Dear World: Meet Hammer & Moxie

By Polly Conner

Hey People. Polly here to give a quick intro to this post. Yes, this is a guest post but hang with me. Don’t click away. Just don’t. I have personal, invested interest in you checking out these guest posters because, well, they are my family! Well, one originally is anyway — the other wiggled his way into our family and has been cashing in on awesome Christmas gifts ever since.

Regardless, they have started up a pretty awesome blog, Hammer and Moxie. Like, pretty awesome in that I want them to owe me blogging favors now so I can cash in later when they are bigger than Thriving Home. Their posts are fun to read, their projects are super original, and their photography is amazing. I’ll stop my blabbing and let them speak for themselves.

Hammer & Moxie

Um, hello. I’m Peter. I’m Polly’s brother-in-law.

I know, I’m as surprised as you are to be here.

I have never baked oatmeal, and I only eat flaxseed by mistake.

As I look around our living room, there’s an unsettling lack of chevron.

Dog hair is everywhere, even on the cat.

That’s to say I’m ill equipped to write for a blog that pairs “thriving” with “home.”

What’s more, I understand a lot of women read this blog. My wife, Leslie, says I scare women. I’m big and quiet and kind of aloof. Apparently that’s off-putting.

So why am I here?

Well, Leslie and I started a blog. It’s probably going to be famous, but right now only like eight people read it.

Hannah's 1st Birthday

That’s me in the blue t-shirt. The pretty one is my wife and Polly’s sister, Leslie. The little (also pretty) one is our silent partner, Hannah. Don’t ask me to explain my wardrobe. I’m a grown man. I can wear what I want.

You see, Leslie is Polly’s sister. In a gracious act of nepotism kindness, Polly offered the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our brand-spankin’-new blog. (Thanks, Polly!)

It’s called Hammer & Moxie. We write about things we make. Not like casseroles and toddler skirts, more like coffee tables and kitchen remodels. We think you might like it.

So, check out the post about that one time we moved our kitchen from, well, the kitchen and into a bedroom.

Kitchen Renovation | Hammer & Moxie

Or, read about our “low key” wedding that predictably turned into an overzealous DIY endeavor replete with a reclaimed wood altar and hand-printed invitations.

Wedding | Reclaimed Wood Altar | Hammer & Moxie

Then there was that time we already had two coffee tables, but I bought a World War II ship hatch, which became our new coffee table, because the other two weren’t cool enough.

Finished table.

If you’ve been a longtime Thriving Home reader, you may even recognize our daughter’s birdhouse nightlight nursery, which we also wrote about.

Adorable birdhouse nightlights for nursery | Hammer & Moxie

Win a Birdhouse Nightlight

In fact, to celebrate our impending fame, we’re giving away a few birdhouse nightlights, similar to those in the nursery. It takes but a moment to enter, but you must do so before 11:59 CST on January 29.

(Insider tip: hardly anyone reads our blog yet, so your odds aren’t bad.)

Birdhouse Giveaway: Win a decorative birdhouse nightlight from Hammer & Moxie.

We’d love it if you’d take a look, poke around, and see if Hammer & Moxie is for you.

If not, you might still win a birdhouse nightlight, so there’s that.

Enough about us. If there’s anything you’d like to know about Polly—the real Polly, the behind-closed-doors, sometimes-feeds-her-kids-Cheetos Polly—ask away in the comments, and I will answer as many as possible before she blocks me.


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2 replies
  1. Holli says:

    I love those bird houses!!! I want one!!! Also even though I live in Florida can you come and remodel my mud room/storage/laundry room. It needs a creative hand, and your blog seems to imply you might fit that.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks so much, Holli. Since we’re just beginning to find our identity as a new blog, positive feedback like yours means a lot. Funny you mentioned your mudroom, as we recently put a mudroom where our old kitchen was, and that will be a post in the next month or two.

      As for helping with your mudroom, would you be willing to a) provide transportation and lodging, b) compensate us for the salaried jobs (including benefits) we’d be leaving behind in St. Louis? If so, I think we have a deal!