DIY Baby Girl Onesies

By Polly Conner
August 22, 2012

DIY Decorated Onesies for baby girls

If I would have known how easy these baby girl onesies were to make, I imagine my daughter’s drawer would have been full of them. This is a fun project for someone with beginning sewing skills. It also makes a great gift for any upcoming baby shower (assuming it’s a girl on the way). All it takes is a few plain onesies and some lace or quality ribbon. Ready to get started?

Decorating Baby Girl Onesies

I got my lace from Hobby Lobby–some by the roll and some by the 1/2 yard. You don’t really need 1/2 yard but I like to have leftovers.

lace for baby girl onesie

I’m going to go through each onesie that I made and tell you how I did each one.

Onesie One: Cream Lace

This was the easiest one out of the set. All I did was measure how big my onesie neckline was, cut the lace to that length, pin it in place and sew! Make sure you pull back the little shoulder flaps to get the lace underneath that. Look at my second picture if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

adding lace to girl onesie

DIY lace on onesie-cream

Onesie Two: Brown Lace

For this one I ruffled the lace before I attached it to the onesie. To make the ruffle, I did a baste stitch (a stitch with the longest settings possibly on your machine) along one side of the lace. I then tugged on one of the strings hanging off it to create a ruffle.

brown lace on onesie

I had to use a lot of pins to keep it in place, but it worked. This one turned out to be my favorite.

diy brown lace on onesie

Onesie Three: Doubled Lace

As you can see, this onesie has two layers of lace.

lace baby girl onesie

Here are the steps on how I did this:

sewing ideas baby onesies

1. I pinned and attached the first layer of lace.

2. I flipped back the first layer and pinned and attached the second layer underneath it.

3. Since this lace was a bit more frilly than the others, I secured the lace down with a straight stitch on each side under the shoulder flaps.

 Onesie Four: Teal Ribbon 

This one was made with some high quality ribbon. When I say high quality I am just making sure you know it’s not the type you buy in the gift wrapping section. I gave this ribbon a little ruffle like I did with onesie two and attached it.

diy girl onesie

When you put them all together, they make such cute baby gift!

sewing baby onesies

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  1. Beth Bishop says:

    Thanks so much for the helpful post! My son has down syndrome and is 3 months old today. I have been trying to figure out what to get him for Chritmas for weeks now. I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions!