DIY Carpet Deodorizer

 Have a smelly rug? I do. Our living room rug is the gathering place for all creatures large and small. A few days ago when I was down on it playing with my little gal, I was totally grossed out by the scent of dog and feet.

After the close encounter with my nasty rug, I did a little research and found a natural thrifty way to deodorize carpets and rugs.

Only two ingredients needed…

1) Tea Tree Oil

2) Baking Soda

Mix 1/3 cup with 5-6 drops of tea tree oil and mix it up. (I added a few more drops just to make sure the scent was strong enough).

To make a homemade shaker, simply cut a few holes into a plastic bag and dump the carpet deodorizer in it.

Shake, rattle, and roll your deodorizer over the nasty dog smelling carpet. After shaking mine out, I walked around on it a bit to make sure it was all squished in. I’m sure kiddos would love to help with this task if you asked them.

Wait twenty minutes or so and vacuum up the carpet deodorizer.

After the treatment, I was brave enough to get close to our rug to give it a sniff test.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t 100% remove the scent of nasty that was living in the rug. However, it did make it not so noticeable and much more pleasant to be down close to the rug. I’ll probably give it another round in a week or two. But overall, I’d say the DIY carpet deodorizer project was a success!

For larger areas, just double or triple the recipe. Happy sniffing!

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  1. Oretta Nuusila says

    Very useful/helpful thank you!!

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