DIY Circle Garland: A Cheap and Easy Kid’s Room Decorating Idea

circle garland

I’m pretty excited about how well this DIY kid’s room decor turned out. It filled up a big wall and was customizable to the exact colors I wanted for the room.

DIY kids room decor

I also like that there is nothing heavy hanging over my daughter’s crib. (I just had to make sure the garland was out of grabbing distance.) This crafty project is cheap and doable for anyone who can sew a semi-straight line.

Want to make your own?

How to Make a Circle Garland

Pick Your Colors

When picking out colors for a project, I like to have a little inspiration rather than going in blind. Since I already had this framed embroidery art hanging in her room, I thought I could use that as a starter for the colors I wanted in the garland. I took this picture and headed to Hobby Lobby to pick out some paper.


I came home with 10 large sheets of thick paper. I learned later that I really didn’t need 10 for the size of the garland that made. Seven or eight would have been plenty!

supplies for circle garland

Make Your Circles

To make the circles, you have two options: 1) Cut them out by hand or 2) Use a circle hole punch. I recently got this 1-1/2 inch circle punch (seen in above picture) and was VERY happy I had it. It would be A LOT of work to cut out that many circles.

Warning: If you have a toddler around, they will INSIST on being part of the hole punching fun. Those colorful circles are too much to resist.


Adelyn crafting


Connect Your Circles

This is the easy part. Just run the circles through the sewing machine, one by one to connect them all. I set my stitch length to be a little longer than normal but it really won’t matter if you can’t figure out how to do that. If you have kids old enough, this would be a fun project for them to do.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 8.04.15 PM

Hang Your Garland!

The great thing about a paper garland is that a thumbtack is all you need to hang it up! Arrange it how you want, step back, and admire your crafting skills.

hanging the garland

homemade circle garland

There are so many ways you could use a garland like this: above door frames, between windows, above a changing table, etc. You could also use this decor idea for birthday parties or showers. It is totally customizable!

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  1. michelle says

    is there away that I could “glue” THE CIRCLES ON FISHING LINE?

    • Rachel says

      I bet you could hot glue them on, but it might show. You’d have to make sure the glue side faced the wall.

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  3. Alexis says

    These look awesome! I’m looking to make something similar for an upcoming baby shower. Could you tell me how long each strand was? I’m trying to figure out how long we need to make them.

    • Polly says

      I’m honestly not sure how long they are. I just made one REALLY long strand and then cut it down to the size that looked appropriate for the space. If I had to guess, each strand (I had two) is probably around 8 ft. Good luck!