Making Room for the Belly: DIY Maternity Pants

When I was pregnant, I had a hard time justifying buying expensive pants that I would only wear for 4 months. I took a close look at some of my maternity pants and thought to myself, “I could do that…” So I gave it a shot. After some trial and error, I made some that turned out great! I got a lot of use out of these bad boys.

For the full tutorial, keep on reading!

So here’s how you make a pair of your own:

1) Use a pair of pants that would fit you in your non-pregnant days. Depending on your preference and the style of pants, draw a line where you want the stretch to begin. Make sure you remove the entire front waist though. Also make sure the zipper is zipped up before you cut.

2) Cut along your line. Now hand sew that zipper so it doesn’t go down on you in public. As if you need more attention drawn to your belly area, right!?

3) Use a stretchy knit fabric that coordinates with your pants. I cut a 34×16 strip of it. (I got this measurement simply by draping it around my waist to where it stretched but wasn’t super tight.) I folded it in half (longways), sewed it along the long edge to give me a 34×8 piece of fabric. After that, I sewed the short ends together to give me a circular piece. *Note-make sure you cut it so that the stretch is horizontal. Knit only really stretches in one direction.

4) Pin it to the outside of your pants and sew it on!

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