Simple Toddler Activity

toddler activityAm I the only mom whose kid seems to instantly need my attention when I’m in the midst of making dinner? Or who suddenly thinks they are starving and won’t make it for the 20 minutes that dinner has left to cook? I hope not.

Often times I’m looking for some type of activity to occupy my toddler in the kitchen when I’m making dinner. Unfortunately her fascination with tupperware and banging spoons has passed and I was in need of something a bit more challenging. Here is what I came up with that is currently keeping those little hands busy during dinner prep time.

photo Like any activity for a toddler, the fascination of this project will pass but it has worked the past two nights so I thought it was worth sharing.

Just pull the strainer out and give them some colorful pipe cleaners and see what happens!

toddler activity2Who wouldn’t want to play around with these moldable, colorful, fuzzy toys!?

photo2Give it a try either during a time you just need your little one to stay busy or maybe on an indoor day.

strainer and pipe cleaners





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