Exercise with Your Kids with These FREE Online Dance Videos

3 kids + 1 mom + 9 inches of snow outside during Spring Break week = STIR CRAZINESS!

But…on a few of the days, the kids and I were able to work off all that energy and Snow Ice Cream with one of my new favorite kid-friendly activities. It’s called dancing around my living room like an idiot with them. Let your inner dork loose and go for it. It’s fun, the kids will love it, and it burns some calories, mommas.

Below are a few of our favorite videos you might want to give a try, but Youtube has lots more. Or you can just order Just Dance Kids or Just Dance Kids 2 for your Wii, Xbox, or Playstation and have a huge selection at home, which I ended up doing because I’m my son is just a wee bit competitive and wanted to know my his score. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you find that you your child wants to keep score, you can order the games here…

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