Flushable Liner Fail


In my post, Cloth Diapering 101, I raved and raved about the flushable liners we used to help with the clean up of a poopy diaper.

Turns out when you have a 70 year old house, the plumbing doesn’t handle “flushable” products very well. Below you will see the proof.

Roto Rooter

Yes my friends, that is a bill from Roto Rooter. We had a nice little backup resulting in some lovely sewage overflowing in our back yard. Luckily we caught it early so there wasn’t too much of a mess.

The nice man who fixed our overflow told me he found “a lot of baby wipes that had backed up the plumbing.” Well, since we don’t flush baby wipes, it could only be one thing: The flushable liners that I have been swearing by and recommending to friends. Ugh.

As I talked to him more, he told me that if it were a newer house with PVC piping and whatnot, the flushable products wouldn’t be an issue. However, since our piping is clay, pretty much completely horizontal, and tainted with some tree roots, I was told we need to “baby our pipes” and not flush anything except toilet paper.

In conclusion, if you have an older home with questionable plumbing be warned. Flushable liners may not be for you. Looks like we’ll be getting down and dirty with our friend the diaper sprayer.

Any secrets on potty training a 19 month old? 🙂


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  1. Carla says

    An excellent reminder. My DH got it in his head to flush everything that was in the trash can yesterday. Um, I hadn’t used a disposable feminine pad in a while, but had just put one in the trash that morning, and he FLUSHED it along with some other paper for no apparent reason. If it isn’t human waste or toilet paper, it doesn’t go down the toilet. Hopefully we don’t have any backing up issues like that to fix.