Group Gift Idea for a Bridal Shower

By Polly Conner

Guess what? My brother is getting married! (By the time this post goes live, he will likely already be married). We are super excited to have a new sister in-law. Check out their killer engagement photo. Could that be any more perfect??

engagement photo

I wanted to share about a thoughtful gift idea from a group that my mom, my sister and I gave her at her bridal shower.

Basically, we each identified our favorite kitchen gadgets and put them together in one big basket. Around each object I tied a little description as to why this was a favorite kitchen gadget of ours.

Maybe some pictures will better illustrate the thoughtful gift idea for a bride.

Here is a pile of our favorite kitchen gadgets.

kitchen gadgets for gift idea

We all took a little time to describe why a gadget was a favorite. I printed the descriptions out on some blue card stock and then cut them out. I used a scrapbooking corner cutter to make them a little more fancy 🙂

thoughtful idea for group gift

I then tied each description to its corresponding item.

thoughtful gift ideaI then wrapped each item up in some tissue paper and put them all in one big basket.


Here’s how it turned out.

gift from group for bridal shower

I also busted out the Silhouette Machine for the first time since we moved and made her a personalized card.

card made from silhouette machine

Despite the fact that amidst the gift opening I was restraining my three year old from opening ALL of the bride-to-be’s gifts, I got the gist that she loved the present from us. Hopefully the personalization of the gift will show her how much we already care for her and are excited for her to join our clan.


 Welcome to the family, Emily!

Will and Emily

Want to see exactly what our favorite kitchen gadgets were? Check out this post on Family Favorite Kitchen Gadgets!


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2 replies
  1. The Better Baker says:

    Oh how I LOVE this idea. I’ve always felt anything personalized is the very best gift. You could have put all those things in the basket and it wouldn’t have meant nearly as much to your new SIS-IN-LOVE! Sure appreciate your creativity!!