Have a Boy? You Might Want to Get Him This…

Warren and his wife, Shelly, are two people I trust implicitly when it comes to grace-centered theology and parenting. They are just some rock solid people. So when I saw that Warren wrote a rave review of The Action Bible recently at Every Square Inch, I knew what our next children’s Bible purchase will be.

Warren mentioned that he and his 6-year-old son enjoyed reading through the entire thing over the course of 4 months so much that when they were done they decided to start over again! He also mentioned that reading this Bible from front to back has already resulted in some deep theological connections and conversations for his son.

With a comic book-loving husband of my own and a son right on his heels, I don’t think this Bible will take much convincing for the boys to delve into.

Take a look at these illustrations* in The Action Bible. Totally up a boy alley, eh?

The Action Bible doesn’t include every story in the Bible, but it does include a larger amount of material than most. It is recommended for ages 9 and up, but from what Warren writes and my own examination of the the samples, I think my 5-year-old will love it.

Sounds like it will be well worth the $17…but I’ll let you know for sure.

P.S. If you’re wondering about what Bible to order for your younger kids, here are our family’s Top 6 Favorites.

P.P.S. And…if you want a good Family Devotional, you might check out one I just ordered.

* These sample images are from theactionbible.com.


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