Country French Omelet Recipe & Review of Ina Garten’s Cookbook

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Back to Basics Cookbook ReviewThis past week, I finally got to indulge in one of my favorite past times: reading cookbooks.  (My husband didn’t nickname me a “ferdie”–foodie + nerd–for nothing after all.)  After playing and grabbing some books for the kids at the library, I dragged everyone upstairs to the back of the nonfiction section.  The little people were hungry and tired, but I pressed on (with trepidation) none-the-less.  Through kid whining, small hands pulling books off the shelves and askance looks from nearby library patrons, I finally found Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics: Fabulous Flavor from Simple Ingredients, as well as a few other cookbooks.  Score!

Back to Basics Cookbook Review

In Back to Basics, Ina’s recipes use fresh, seasonal ingredients and are brilliantly simple. This book features photographs of her dishes that look good enough to eat out of the book! It really is a visually stunning spread.  Plus, her tips and notes make the book even more valuable.  I have half a mind to cook my way through the whole dang thing (of course adding some of my healthy tweaks). I’ve already made her Roasted Shrimp Cocktail, Homemade Chicken Stock, Brownie Pudding, and today’s featured recipe, Country French Omelet, from it, and they did not disappoint.  If it weren’t for a few rogue strange dishes and expensive ingredients (and the fact that my kids probably wouldn’t appreciate many of her recipes), I’d do it.  Maybe someday.

Up and Coming Recipes from Back to Basics

Until that day comes, I plan to at least try these recipes from the book:

Homemade Pesto – My basil is growing on the back porch for just this reason.

Cape Cod Chopped Salad – This dressing sounds complex and delish! Waiting until apple season for this one.

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette – I’m always looking for some way to enjoy butternut squash, since it’s not my favorite by itself.  The combos in the salad sound amazing.

Easy Sole Meuniere – I actually love fish if it’s done right, and so do my kids.  I saw her make this on the show, and it looks delicious!

Country French Omelet Recipe

On to today’s featured recipe–Country French Omelet.  Here’s a preview pic from Back to Basics, since that picture looked so much better than mine.

Country French OmeletWe eat eggs like crazy around our house in the form of scrambled eggs, Oven Omelets, Baked Egg Cups, Breakfast Casserole Muffins, and more.  But this super simple omelet recipe brought some much needed variety to our egg diet.  For this dish, Ina recreated she and her husband’s favorite country omelet from their favorite cafe in Paris.  With the potatoes and bacon (and my addition of asparagus), this was a hearty one pan meal.  My husband and I both loved it and felt like true Parisians.  Someday when Nathan and I go on our food and wine tour of Europe–our pipe dream, I hope to bring you back some recipes like Ina did this one. 🙂

One more looksy before you check out the recipe below…

Country French Omelet

Here is the Country French Omelet Recipe.  You must give it a whirl!


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