Healthy Living Step #5: Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Healthy Living Small Step #5: Create a Weekly Menu Plan

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Healthy Living Step #5: Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Start at the beginning of our 10 Small Steps Toward Healthy Living series HERE.

Last Monday, we talked about the small healthy step of moving toward a diet of more homemade, real food. Have you tried to go just ONE day without processed food yet? It’s been a game changer for our family the past several years, in terms of our health!

But providing healthy meals for yourself and your family don’t just happen magically. Moving toward a “real food” diet starts by planning ahead and creating a weekly menu.

For instance, on Saturday, I plan out healthy meals and snacks for the week, make a grocery list, and go to the store and Farmer’s Market to buy what I’ll need for the week. I try to only go one time a week and stick to my list (this is the key to saving money!).

We have two great resources to help you get started menu planning:

  1. Menu Plans: I post a menu plan for my family and yours on Fridays here on Thriving Home. We have loads of them that you can use on our Menu Plans page.
  2. Free Planner: Download our FREE printable (and cute) Weekly Menu Planner from Our Store to set yourself up for success. If you see your plan each day, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Free printable menu planner

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This collection of "10 small steps toward healthy living" is actually doable for your family! Just pick ONE to start your family on their way to a more natural, holistically healthy lifestyle.


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